I am so impressed! You are very talented. SUMMER OF 2009 touched my heart, as did THE KISS.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Jennifer Dutcher ( Second Grade Teacher) Sacramento, CA

I just checked it out.  Wow it is very cool, one thing I have always admired about you.  You see
something that you want to do and you do it too many people go to their graves saying I could
have been this or that but that will not be a problem of yours because you did it.
Thomas McGee (Real State Broker) Sacramento, CA

Perfectly stated! The Blacktomic Bomb is soulful, it's urban, it's REAL! Brother Hypnotic doesn't
pull any punches and make no apologies. He tells it like it is, and you'll enjoy reading it, feeling it!
Marcus McGee (Author) Sacramento, CA

From: Faith_Hope_Love_ To: BROTHER HYPNOTIC Subject: Spanish Harlem
It's a lot to take in so I am visiting your page as time permits. I must say that I enjoyed reading your
poems.  I was only able to check out the first two and I have one word YUMMY!!!!!
I felt as if I was right there with you having a deja vu moment as I read the one called Latin or Spanish
voodoo.  My apologies if I chopped up the title I mean no harm by it. Are these live experiences?
Intense, heat, lust, passion, control, and arrogance. How powerful you left me wanting more.
Tracy (student) Los Angeles, CA

I just checked out your web page and it looks great!!...You did an awesome job on it.....I read some of the
poems you have posted and I have to say that you have some talented writers on your staff....I loved
Lovebow, Missing you and Solitude...I check out the short stories you posted also...WOW Angelic~Alma, I
am stunned by her writing...she is absolutely amazing....The story All The Riches...I can't even begin to
explain how I felt reading this story but it reminded me of my home as a kid growing up...memories I don't
always like to visit.......reading this story also made me feel a little less alone....Thank you for introducing
me to her writings...I only know her through her writing but I just fell in love with her!!!
Christina (Child care) Elk Grove, CA

I checked out Angelic~Alma new poems (Foe ,Illusion, and refection)...What can I say but WOW!!!....She is
an extremely phenomenal writer...I absolutely love reading her writings...I consider her as an author and
she is now one of my favorite authors....if she has not thought about writing a book...she really needs to...
through her words she going to inspired and help so many people.....just by reading a few of her poems
she seems like a good person with a big heart.... One of these days I would like meet her.....Thank you
Ms.  McCormick (Elk Grove, CA)

I have never been a huge fan of poetry or short stories until the day I was introduced to "Spanish
Harlem" written by Brother Hypnotic...It is not your typical short story...I didn't know a man could have so
much passion and love for his writings...From that day on I have been hooked...Brother Hypnotic is a true
inspiration and is truly changing the world one poem at a time...Here in San Antonio, Texas he is known
as THE WRITER...You Rock and inspire us all!!!
Josie  (NRCMA) San Antonio, Texas

Just wanted to share what I wrote about your website on my Facebook.... From Renee Jz- when you all
get a chance, check out my son's bio & his first poem that made the Artist of the Month on my boy's
website at http://www.blacktastic.net/. Feel free to leave any comments, which will be posted to show
support. Click on the tab "Contact Us." I appreciate everyones support and positive feedbacks. We need
to show our young Native Youths support & love. I believe this will go far for my son, it can open many
doors for him. My boy "Brother Hypnotic" is very talented and has inspired my son & I in many ways. For
that I will always be gracious. Thank you to those who are supportive. Much love- R.J.See More:www.
Renee J. (Sacramento, CA)

The website looks really good. Keep up the good work.
Dwight Buchana  (Political fund raiser) Buchanan Enterprises (Elk Grove, CA)

Passion and diligence is paying off... Read some of your work... Intriguing. Thanks for sharing.
Nadasha ( Herrin, IL)

Got it brother got it one love I'm proud of you...
Jeffery Sanders (poet) (Los Angeles, CA)

From: RJ To: brotherhypnotic Subject: WRISTWATCH
I finished chapter 1. 3 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Thank you,  Renee (Sacramento, CA)

What can I say? You have created  the Disneyland amusement park of poetry sites. When I come to your
page I get lost in time. Your colors are so soothing and every page has an personality of it's own. I can
honestly say that you and your CREW have changed poetry forever. There is no place I rather be than in
the mind of Brother Hypnotic. This website allows me to do just that. Thank you,
Jasmine~ Atlanta, GA (extremely proud SISTA)

Charles Young Jr. (Sacramento, CA)

You have done a fantastic job on Blacktastic.net. This is a website where you can go to and get a history lesson on
different cultures.....I'm loving it!!
Lynn (Sacramento, CA)

Hey I was checking out your web site today and read some of your poems that you had posted that I haven't read yet...
the one that were written by Nicole are very good....I also read the short story by Sofia "Southern Heat"... WOW this is a
very sensual love story...I absolutely love it!!....Will she be posting part two??...I would love to see what happens next...
Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

This website is really great and full of great black Icons that Rejuvenate the History of our Black Society.
theSource (Elk Grove, CA)

I love the picture of you with the AWESOME wig...you and the boys look like you guys were having a great time..your
son is your clone...he is gorgeous just like his daddy...you go boy!!! All my love.
Josie Gonzales (San Antonio, TX)

Thank you again for taking the time to read my poem. I have read many of your poems on your website and your Black
Planet page. You have inspired me to become a better person and achieve more in life and I'm honored for you to read
my poem and get your opinion. Thank you again....
Tina Long (Elk Grove, CA)

It’s about time…….This book is a shock to the soul that was badly needed to awake the conscious in us all. BROTHER
HYPNOTIC has infused poetry and Black History to get the word out about what really goes on in the hood, it’s about
I give this books FIVE stars
Jasmine (proud SISTA) (Atlanta, GA)

Subject: THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB (Dark Moon Rising)
Love it, King. Great inspirational write. Peace and Love.

One poem at a time is really hitting home for a lot of people, including ME. Keep changing, because the change right
now is helping the whole world at this time......
theSource (Elk Grove, C)

I love your website, your poems are great.  I'm sure Don will send you some of his work he is good also.  Keep up the
good work you are doing.  I'm sending Keith some of your poems, he will love them.....
Georgia  (Inglewood, CA)

I just got done reading your book, THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB. I have to say this BOMB is explosive! I will not be surprised
if peoples' minds explode with awareness. I didn't realize how much you've written since the myspace days. You surely
changed the style of poetry and I adore it! Keep up the good work Brother Man! With much love & respect,
*~*Pomo_Princess~ Sacramento, CA

Order completed today for Keith.  I'm looking forward to reading it myself.
Georgia K. (Inglewood, CA)

congrats my california brother...
Mr.jeffery A. Sanders Sr. (Los Angeles, CA)

Congrats on multiples of your book being purchased, that is great. You are moving on up!!Glad I knew you before you
became famous, lol.
Tia (Sacramento, CA)

Just wanted to congratulate Charles on his new book. He is a very talented writer and happy for him and for what he has
accomplish...looking forward for the book to come out next year.
Cristina R. (Sacramento, CA)

I just finished your book and I really enjoyed SCAR TISSUE and YOU WERE THERE. The book looks great, you did a
wonderful job on it and you deserve it all.
Christina M. (Elk Grove, CA)

The hair stylist at HAIR SYSTEMS (Florin Mall Dr.) have read the book along with many of their clients and this is what
they’re saying about THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB. “Brilliant” “Very Knowledgeable” “Extremely talented”  “I loved the poem
Tattoo” “Modern Day Cleopatra is beautiful” "I was impressed, beautiful job and wonderful job" “I love this book”.
Sacramento, CA

Had to stop by and show you some love & support. Thank you for inviting me to listen when read your poem at
BLOGTALKRADIO. Hearing your voice on the radio show was very electrifying. I wish you best on everything you do.
Much luv,
~*~R.J.~*~ (Sacramento, CA)

My favorite poem in THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB is W.E.T. I shared it with all my friends from school and around my
Tyrelle L. Antwine (Santa Cruz, CA)

I am honored to hold this book (THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB) in my hands.
Patricia (San Antonio TX)

Just wanted to say thank you for letting me read the first chapter of WRISTWATCH.....just from reading the first chapter
this is going to be an amazing book of history.....the paragraph that you allowed me to read( the teaser ) did its
justice......I only met Charles's dad one time for a few minutes at the book singing party...I don't know him very well but
by reading this book it's going to allow me to know him a little better from his childhood to adulthood....just reading the
first chapter I am amazed of the life he lived and that he is truly a spacial person to his love ones and his friends around
him.....it would be great to just sit there and listen to him talk and tell the story of his life....Thank you again for letting me
read it.

Hey since you let me read the first chapter you could let me read the second chapter when you're done.......I had to try...
Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

"The Blacktomic Bomb"  When I received my copy of Brother Hypnotic's book, I was like a child opening up a very
special gift..I could hardly wait to put my hands on it...It is such an honor to have a copy in my hands...Brother Hypnotic
has completely changed my life..He gives me the inspiration and motivation to continue to be the strong and optimistic
woman I need to be and am...Thank you Tajiye for being an angel...My favorite piece in your book is "Tattoo" ..Tattoo
has touched me in a very special way...It has so much meaning behind it..You are a beautiful tattoo that will always and
forever be imprinted in my heart.. Tons of love and appreciation for you,
Josie Gonzales (San Antonio, TX)

Permanent Tan and Stay Outta' My Kool-aide really caught my eye and stood out to me.
Tyrone Jones (Oakpark, CA) Barber

Yea!!! So proud of you TJ everything is looking up. Thank you for sharing your good energy today TJ. Watching you
today as you spoke of your Mother and Father, all of the joy you were feeling I could also feel. I am so proud of you and
I wish you never ending days of joy and all of the things that make you smile.
Julie Hall :)  Natomas, CA

From: pocohantus
Subject: Re: Hey suga
Hey suga got your book today will read this week. Have a great day*smiling* peace out luv.
Pocohantus (San Diego, CA)

Come join us tonight, as we introduce and welcome Author/Poet, Tajiye Antwine aka BROTHER HYPNOTIC to the
POETICALLY SPOKEN show!! Born and raised in Compton and Long Beach, Ca this poet has made many aware of his
gifted talents in several poetry forums such as the CHOCOLATE LYRICISTS LOUNGE which is a long-lasting and
heavily populated poetry group on BlackPlanet that offers a wide variety of talented poets/writers. HE has constantly
proven his writing skills, even became a winner in the "BEST POETRY" contests held there! This Author has an agenda
to educate, motivate, captivate and just make Black America, people as a whole, aware of the truth behind our history
through his eyes, his experiences, his knowledge, his poetry! Speaking of history, his latest book that definitely is
making history, THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB, which is available now, is a book with tons of his poetry as well as some
special appearances by other phenomenal poets whom he finds worthy! He also has 3 other anticipated best sellers,
coming out in the near future! BLACKTOMIC BOMB is filled with depthness, passion and substance and is definitely a
must read. It is being sold at major book stores as well as online sites where books are sold (i.e, Amazon.com) OPEN
MIC will began, in the 2nd hour of the show! IF you haven't already heard or witnessed the dynamics to this show, you
have definitely been missing out..on something great!!! So come thru...grab a front row seat and enjoy what we plan to
deliver...it is QUALITY, along with a feel good vibe that is oh so contagious!! Whether you come to SPIT or just to enjoy
the poetic cypher, this is definitely the place to be..for your listening pleasure!! See you there!!
S-cents (Philadelphia, PA)

I really like the pictures that you posted on fortitude and photo gallery...the one of the sunset is beautiful..amazing photo
Christina M. (Sacramento, CA)

I consider this to be the atomic bombing of Racism!
Keep being proud of who you are!  And continue to speak on behalf of your people!
Posted by RENEE A. JIMENEZ on August 12, 2009 - Wednesday - 9:34 PM

All I have to say is, karma.

Keep speaking your mind!  Keep speaking the TRUTH!

Keep educating the know-ledge-less folks!  
Posted by RENEE A. JIMENEZ on August 10, 2009 - Monday - 10:37 PM

Dang! ouch! I'm speechless.....

Very well said!  My people can feel your pain as well!
Posted by RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on August 5, 2009 - Wednesday - 5:08 PM

WOW to the poem...amazing!!
POSTED BY Megha Karir  ON AUGUST 5 2009 Wednesday 8:19 PM

i love your titles i really do they are so simple!
Posted by Libby Edwards on July 20, 2009 - Monday - 4:22 PM

yep with my psychic wires i sense this..lol
Posted by Libby Edwards on July 20, 2009 - Monday - 10:43 PM


I really liked what you had to say here, it is so true. Thank you for writing it my friend!
Posted by жDonna Stoycoffж on July 7, 2009 - Tuesday - 3:29

I can't put into words what this poem means to me but Thank You!!!
Posted by Christina M. on July 10, 2009 - Friday - 6:24 PM

hey man sometimes i need to fly away get my thoughts together I feel you on this one as well!
Posted by Libby Edwards on July 20, 2009 - Monday - 4:17 PM

I am who I am because, he was who he was & did what he did! Out.
Posted by mavuto on June 29, 2009 - Monday - 6:51 PM

He's always been one of my favorite singers since I was a little girl.... I wish I still had my M.J. doll, my t-shirts, and all my
posters of him and the Jackson 5.  

R.I.P. M.J.

Posted by BROTHER HYPNOTIC on July 5, 2009 - Sunday - 11:30 PM

This poem is my favorite at all of them....to have a true friend who will always have your back no matter what is
something we should always treasure and your poem says it all...Thank you!!
Posted by Christina M. on July 6, 2009 - Monday - 5:30 PM

this is what a real friendship is all about. u spoke the words. a friend is a person who is with u through thick and thin no
matter what.
Posted by Dorothea Dockery on July 6, 2009 - Monday - 8:17 PM

i like it, it was simple though because it's actually tells u how and what a friend should be like! go head!
Posted by Libby Edwards on July 7, 2009 - Tuesday - 10:14 AM

You once told me that I have Gods gift for writing...well my friend, so do you! I loved it!!!
Posted by жDonna Stoycoffж on July 7, 2009 - Tuesday - 3:31 PM

that is very nice. I like that alot.
Posted by Beautiful on July 7, 2009 - Tuesday - 10:28 PM

I always read what you write, and I have to say I love this one the best.  I only have a handful of friends that I consider
MY TRUE FRIENDS.  True friends are hard to come by, and I appreciate every single one of them, including you, for
being there and not there to judge me.  A true friend will always have your back no matter what, because I believe life is
a learning experience.  You learn from mistakes/experiences, move on, and should always strive for the better.  This
poem really touched my heart because I can relate to this.  I know I don't tell my true friends that I luv them as much as I
should because it's hard for me to express my feelings.  So this poem says a lot for me.  It's so true.  I would luv to share
this poem w/ them.  Thank you for reminding me to thank & appreciate them more often because they sure have been
thru alot w/ me and still till this day, they stand next to me.  And I want to tell you, thank u 4 being u.  These last few
weeks made me realize a lot, which I will not go into details here, but please know I am thankful for our friendship    
Posted by ~RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on July 11, 2009 - Saturday - 12:24 AM


Okay mister...lol that's something to think about....when i was coming up i felt deformity about having thick lips/african
nose, being a plus size woman, until i had to accepted libby for who she is..... who i am is me! Thankx gives u something
to really think about, do u think i look deformed?
Posted by Libby Edwards on July 25, 2009 - Saturday - 3:51 PM

NO MATTER WHAT...RAYNE MAKES everything grow...nourishes....reconditions....with no APREHENSIONS.......xoxo
Posted by жDonna Stoycoffж on July 23, 2009 - Thursday - 1:09 PM

Nicely said!  For many years, centuries, decades, people of color were the minority and now the roles have reversed!
It's a beautiful thing.  Obama open the doors for many folks of color, races, and so forth.  And hopefully one day
everyone will be treated equally!
Posted by RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on July 21, 2009 - Tuesday - 11:02 PM

Posted by RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on July 22, 2009 - Wednesday - 7:11 AM

This is one of my favorites...very well written.
Posted by MEGHA*kirir on July 22, 2009 - Wednesday - 10:30 AM

Yes my friend.... very controversial..... this was very well written........keep spreading the love.....xoxo
Posted by жდRayneOnFireდж on July 23, 2009 - Thursday - 1:07 PM

WOW!!....This POEM is amazing.....Thank you for the KISS....
Posted by Christina M.  on July 16, 2009 - Thursday - 8:19 PM

that is sooo sweet!!!
Posted by Beautiful on July 17, 2009 - Friday - 10:55 AM

Again my friend.....you are talented and have a big heart....You leave the reader anticipating what will he write next? Full
of twist n turns...the mind is racing...the heart...beats ever gently....toward the end of your work..leaves one peaceful
and fulfilling...

Thank you my friend...xoxo
Posted by жდDonna Stoycoffж on July 17, 2009 - Friday - 12:11 PM

Hey babe that's a good one, i see me kissing you back..lol i like it!
Posted by LIBBY EDWARDS on July 20, 2009 - Monday - 4:14 PM

BEAUTIFUL MIND IS A TERRIBLE TO WASTE....Its amazing what we could accomplish in life if we put our MIND  to it.....
using our looks and beauty could only take us so far in life, but using our BRIAN could take us so much further.....Your
POEM shows us the amazing things that our brain allows us to do if we choose to use it...
Posted by Christina M. on July 12, 2009 - Sunday - 12:23 PM

This is wonderful.... a great writer takes the reader on a journey. In the beginning of this piece...It made me think you
were talking about the spirit, then the body...you make people think in deminsions....knowledge is power...

You are an excellent emotive writer...the things you write have different meanings to each indiviidual....
Posted by жდDonna Stoycoffж on July 12, 2009 - Sunday - 2:05 PM

that is really good and true!! :-)
Posted by Beautiful on July 12, 2009 - Sunday - 2:29 PM

i here you our minds are so corrupt with internet, tv, and other foolishness so the cleansing of the mind all need
everyday....by me being raise in the bay going different places live the beach or just sitting by the lake that really clears
my mind!
Posted by Libby Edwardsl on July 20, 2009 - Monday - 4:20 PM

sometimes i wonder if are children are lost? u said it all
Posted by Libby Edwards on June 25, 2009 - Thursday - 7:52 PM

Teachers don't get enough respect for what they do for our children......your poem shows us how important it is for us as
parents or teachers to build our youth up instead tearing them down ...Thank you!!
Posted by Christina M. on July 6, 2009 - Monday - 10:31 PM

i love this i love michelle obama because she looks like me and her shape is out of this world, thanks for making us
black, african women feel good!
Posted by Libby Edwards on June 25, 2009 - Thursday - 7:56 PM

very sextual, but makes alot of sense for those into choclate MEN...lol U know what boat im on haha..but I like this one
Posted by MEGHA*kirir on July 3, 2009 - Friday - 1:41 PM

u know what? i wrote a poem that is similar to this i like it! keep doing it please!
Posted by Libby Edwardslon June 25, 2009 - Thursday - 7:54 PM

WOW. This is powerful.  It gave me the tingle sensation through out my body... believe it or not.  

Posted by ~RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on August 15, 2009 - Saturday - 9:26 AM

I like this one very much it made me smile when I read it. the things you said Really touch me
Posted by Dorothea Dockery on August 16, 2009 - Sunday - 8:29 AM

I like this one.  This is clever.

I've walked 2 miles in your shoes, never spent the night in your hood, but living on the rezervation when I was a child
was virtually alike.  
Posted by ~RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on August 16, 2009 - Sunday - 8:28 PM

Posted by Christina M. on August 19, 2009 - Wednesday - 6:37 AM

{Black Hourglass}
keep making your sistas queens proud!
Posted by ~RENEE A. JIMENEZ~ on August 19, 2009 - Wednesday - 7:10 AM

That’s me a black queen
Posted by Dorothea Dockery on August 22, 2009 - Saturday - 9:02 AM

From: pocohantus
Subject: NICE SHOW
Black Sugar nice show enjoyed listening! Mad luv for you baby *& snaps**claps*yay..........Peace
pocohantus (San Diego, CA)

May 15, 2010...Tajiye an experience that will last forever!!! You touched in a way that is unforgettable...thank you for
always being you! kisses   
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

Tyrelle, Thank you for sharing. "Black Ice" was my favorite. I loved your father's use of vocabulary and imaginary.
Ms. Tucker (8th Grade teacher) Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you for your amazing book "BLACKTOMIC BOMB" My favorite one was "W.E.T" it really stood out to me. How true
the statement is...
Ms. Bell (8th Grade teacher" Santa Cruz, CA

I just wanted to thank you and Charles and Sofia for all of your help and support that all of you has given me.....I am still
amazed from all the love I have received from everyone especially from those that I do not know....and now to be part of
the BLACKTASTIC family is something that never crossed my mind....thank you for allowing me to be part of it.
Christina aka Tina Long (Elk Grove, CA)

I remember a few months back you had a dream of the website BLACKTASTIC.NET and look at you now! It's truly reality
and a blessing. The crew you have brought together Marcus, Charles, Sofia, Delores, Julie, Pablo, Nicole, Melanie and
Christina are amazing and truly unique in their own special ways. You have always said "MO' COLOR THE MO'
BETTER".....It is definitely happening. We are never promised tomorrow so keep shooting for the STARS!!! You always
told me you want to make a difference and be able to touch people. TAJIYE YOU DEFINITELY HAVE IN MANY WAYS!!
Thank YOU for always being YOU. All the fans and supporters will be here for all of you..."Changing the World One
Poem at a Time"....I am so PROUD of YOU....much love and respect always!!!!!
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

I just read your "History on Books" and I have to say that it was very interesting...you never know what you'll find when
you come to Blacktastic...it's full of surpises...Thank you for sharing
Christina M. (Elk Grove, CA)

Hey man I received your book (THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB)and I read the whole thing. Very good poems and good
sayings. Brother to brother I'm proud of you and I love you.
Keith Evans (older brother) Soledad, CA

Great success to you!
Dale Wells (Sales) North Sacramento, CA

Thank you for sending me the notice of your upcoming event this Saturday.  Boy how time flies!  I am sure it will be a
success for you. Make sure you bring me 2 to 3 copies of the new release.
Victoria Martin (medical field) Fontana, CA

June 19, 2010.....What a beautiful experience at your book signing. Seeing you full of passion with your readings is
absolutely amazing!!! You may not be able to see it, but you touch so deep!! I am so proud of YOU...Big SMILES!!!!
Thank you for a beautiful day and just being YOU!! AMAZING!!!!
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

Just got done checking out your pics @ the book signing @ Borders in Elk Grove, CA. I am proud of you...Continue with
your success and go all the way to the top...You and your son are absolutely gorgeous...
Josie Gonzales (San Antonio, TX)

I went to your website, looks very nice.
Miranda Ross (Grass Valley, CA)

Just finished reading your brother's book "Young Rasheed" and that book is FANTASTIC....it showed me a whole
another world that I knew nothing about or have ever experienced. The way he wrote this book and how he describe
every detail  in the story was amazing and I love the fact he held nothing back..the moment I started reading it I didn't
want to put it down..this is the only book this big that I ever finished in less than a day... I will be defiantly looking for this
book when it hits the selves. Thank you for letting me read "Young Rasheed". I really enjoyed reading the book..please
let me know when the book comes out.
Christina M. (Elk Grove, CA)

Thank you Tajiye for the privilege of reading..When Where How and Most of all Why? Our Youth in South Los Angeles
Embraces the Gang Culture...This truly is Cultural and a history lesson that needs to be heard. Learning from the
beginning to present gave me a true picture of Gang Culture. The way in which it is portrayed is a history lesson that will
remain with the reader. It definitely will with me. Thank you Keith for a very knowledgeable write! Thank you again.
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

Young Rasheed....I was stuck from the start, I couldn't put it down till I finished it. Your writing is very enticing and put me
right in the middle of the story. The word description you use gives such a real visual of being right there with you. Keep
up the great work and looking forward to more great writes from you. I truly give this 5 Stars. Thank you, Tajiye for the
privilege reading Young Rasheed. I look forward to the up coming release and would love to someday get a signed
copy. Keep the pen pushing much love and respect!
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

The mural for Young Rasheed was FANTASTIC...great visual for the book..thank you!
Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)

Hello Tajiye, i wanted 2 start off by thanking u 4 lending me your tape recorder, much appreciated. I will return it 2 u as
soon as I'm done. I also wanted 2 take the time 2 comment on Christina's poems. Having been a part of her life 4 many
years i understand her poems and feel the emotion in her words. It has inspired me 2 get on your website and read
more of your poems you have posted. Christina is a dear friend that i have much love 4 and u have helped her in ways
that u may not understand. Thank u sooo much, this is a wonderful website and I'm sure you've helped many 2 express
themselves in writing!
marisa wolverton

Hey Tajiye
Thanks for your very special conversation and wonderful note....! I hope to stay in touch and hope to see you at the Las
Vegas African American Book Event!
Theresa J. Gonsalves (Las Vegas, NV)

Christina, I am so sorry for your loss...I lost a great friend 3 yrs ago to a tragic car accident...she died on impact one day
before Mother's Day 2007...I saw her on that Friday and wished her a Happy Mother's Day and told her I would see her
on Monday..That was the last time we spoke...She was a beautiful soul...Since her death, I have chosen to live life to the
fullest and never take anyone or anything for granted...Christina may God continue to give the strength to get through
your loss...You are on your way of changing the world one poem at a time... Sincerely Always,
Josie (San Antonio, TX)


My name is Lisa Lopez, I am the mother of Jessica. Christina Lynne has contacted me via e-mail to let me know that you
have posted a memorial up for my daughter on your web site and I wanted to take the time to say thank you, it's very
beautiful! She is missed everyday but I know she is in a better place I have been to your site a few times and I could see
why Jessi was drawn to it, the fact that it has poetry is all that she needed. My Jessi would spend hours reading poetry
books growing up but the fact that you are a African American man who wrote the poetry and that she visited your site
often in her last few weeks of her life tells me that something you said or wrote touched my daughter.
Thank you.

Thank you for remembering
my daughter
Lisa Lopez

I want to share from my heart with the crew at BLACKTASTIC.NET. Everyone here is so humble and it's such a beautiful
thing to see all cultures coming together to make a difference. The world has become such a negative and scary place.
BLACKTASTIC.NET has opened the doors for all people to learn and be to be touched in one way or another. BH has
always said "I want to TOUCH without physical touch." I know you have made the difference and will continue. We may
not always understand why things happen, we can turn tragedy to positivity. Thank you for making a difference. This
has been a true experience of "Changing the World one Poem at a Time." Gratitude that will last forever. You know now
this is your calling and it's amazing the Power of Words. Thank you is not deep enough but know that it comes from the
heart and soul. May BLACKTASTIC.NET continue on this beautiful journey. You all have touched me....Much Love and
Respect...simply amazing!!!!  
Michelle Sims

I absolutely love the new look of the photo gallery...you out did yourself once again.....
Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

Hello my name is Tara and I am thirteen. Please tell Ms. Tina thank you I'll be back to visit again.

I loved what you have done with your brothers page.....I went to BLACKTASTIC.NET today and noticed that you have
made more changes and the way you have it set up looks awesome!!!...you should be proud of yourself of what you
have done with BLACKTASTIC.NET. Going to BLACKTASTIC.NET is like going to a new world full of people from all
walks of life and never knowing what you are going to find, it's defiantly a cultural expedition  and you are  taking all of
us along for the ride.. Thank you

Tajiye & Charles....Amazing passion you guys have. Your work really excites the senses! Wish I coulda taken you two on my next flight. I
hope the tour is everything you dreamed of. I'll keep watching!
Amy (Reno, NV)

The Luna Gallery is amazing!!!! Pablo you are very gifted and have a very unique style. You rock it!!!!! Look forward to
more of your work. Keep doing what you do and sharing..you're touching in a very special way. Much love and respect!!!
M (Elk Grove, CA)

Great bio from your brother Kieth....others who reads his book and essay's and who has never witnessed or had to live
a life of a gang culture could learn a lot of what it is really like out there, even though I never met Kieth but from what
you have told me of him and reading his books I have tremendous respect for your brother for the simple fact even from
where he is at he is and going to making a difference....I know for me reading Young Rasheed and his essay has open
my eyes in many ways.....Thank you for sharing
Christina (Elk Grove, CA Author)

I finished reading your book THE BLACKTOMIC BOMB! I liked it, plus I also liked how you defined some of your words.
Very different.
Good job
Kim Goss (medical field) Natomas, CA

Just reviewed your website. Very impressive, I feel privileged to have my photo on it.  Now about those royalties............  
just kidding.
Alvean W. (Fresno, CA)

How do I join this group BH? Wow... I am so impressed with what you have done here. I would love to work with you to
put my writings into a book or in your books too! You have a special place in my heart too!
Donna aka Rayneonfire (Oakland, CA)

PLANET DESTINEY.......this is going to be a must read book!!
Cristina (Elk Grove, CA) Author

Oh my gosh... I love the first one 2day... gave me chills!!! Love it!!! Thank you, you are truly gifted by God's hand as he
uses your hand to write such wonderful things!!!
Donna (poet) Oakland, CA

I love it! I wish that I could write like that. I learn so much from you honey.. you really take my mind and heart  to  higher
levels of understanding and lots of love in your words. I am so in love with your writings!

One of my favs now..... and it's about you! xoxo
Rayne on Fire (poet) Oakland, CA

Oh gosh, I love it! You are just so very good at words... I love how we can put ordinary words and give them meaning
and put pictures in someone else's mind. I love that!  I love how you write and that you have written about me...that is
special to my heart! I am so in love with your poetry..damn damn damn.... wow
Rayne on Fire (poet) Oakland, CA

I love this book!, October 6, 2010
By  Alvean - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Blacktomic Bomb (Paperback)
I love the honesty of this book! Brother Hypnotic is speaking a language that is sincere and his point will be driven home
to men and women alike. As I read a Modern Day Cleopatra it was akin to secretly listening to an intimate conversation.
Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride because you will experience them all as you read this masterpiece:
happiness, hatred, desire, despair, anger, affection, awe, empathy, love, pride, hope......
Alvean W. (medical field) Fresno, CA

Hi T.J., I checked out your website and it is great, you are a powerful writer. I was impressed with the AIP.
Regina Cooks Los Angeles, CA (Insurance)

Hi Tajiye,
Theresa invited you to Michael Jackson Pajama Party - It's a Sleepover! and says "Sorry if you didn't get this message
earlier! But the Michael Jackson Pajama Party is on! If you can make it, we would love to see you there! L.O.V.E.
Theresa J. Gonsalves".  Friday, October 22 at 6:00pm
Location: Theresa's Place

Dear Tajiye,
You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent your profession in the 2010 / 2011 Cambridge
Who’s Who Registry among Executives and Professionals.
We are pleased to inform you that on October 29, 2010, your candidacy was approved.
The office of the Managing Director appoints individuals based upon a candidate’s current position, and usually with
information obtained from researched executive and professional listings. The Director believes that you may make a
valuable addition to the Registry given your professional background and accomplishments.
There is no cost or obligation to be listed. Upon final confirmation, you will be featured among thousands of
accomplished individuals in the 2010 / 2011 Cambridge Who’s Who Registry among Executives and Professionals.
Your prompt response is needed by November 30, 2010 to ensure you are featured in this year's registry. To verify the
accuracy of your profile please vist here.
On behalf of the Managing Director, we look forward to your appearance in this year’s edition. Best wishes for continued
Congratulations Tajiye on your provisional membership to the Cambridge Who's Who of Distinguished Individuals.

I was just rereading your poems for your children's book that you sent me and I have to tell you that "Do You See What I
See?" is my favorite one so far.....keep writing like this and you are going to have an amazing book for these kids to
read.....since the time you have started writing you have made many people think, changed their views on life and
touched all who has read your poems or even visited your web site and now you are reaching the innocence of our
society... Our children....what you and Charles did on Friday....you have no idea how much it meant to some of those
kids just by the two of you being there....You and Charles did a great job as you will continue to do so because both of
you have the heart and the passion for it and thank you for allowing me to be part of it...
Christina (Author) Elk Grove, CA

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
ALOHA *~ ANITA (RT Transportation) Sacramento, CA

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
Congratulations from your Texas fans!
Juanita Young (Wiley, TX)

Hi Tajiye
Sorry I haven't been in touch...Just been working and trying to make things happen. I am heading to Germany at the end
of November for three weeks to promote my books. Getting much love from the MJ (Michael Jackson) fan community
over there. They even contributed to my plane ticket! I see you are moving and shaking, are you going back to the
Underground? I will probably be coming in your direction when I get back from Germany! Keep me apprised of your
Much love,
Theresa J. Gonsalves (Author) Las Vegas, NV

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
Great exposure for the both of you.  I'm so proud of you!
Victoria Martin (Medical field) Fontana, CA

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
Great pictures of last nights event of the Black Caucus!!....I remember you on Myspace when you started bloging and
look where you are at now...It's amazing how things happen...."Changing the World one poem at a time" is no longer just
a quote but reality!!!.... You should be proud of yourself!!
Your friend, Christina  (Author) ElK Grove, CA

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
What pleasure it was to hear you perform Friendship at the Black Caucus. When you had everyone in the entire
auditorium participate by standing and holding hands as you recited your piece we were all able to feel the true meaning
of friendship. As I looked around the audience and witnessed tears in the eyes of adult men I knew they also felt the true
meaning of your words. Your words were inspirational and reminded us of what truly is important in life and never to take
friendship for granted. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend Tracy, but I know that the fond memories of your
friendship will stay with you forever. Thank you for such an incredible experience.
Alvean (Medical field) Fresno, CA

Black Caucus Event 11-20-10
Greetings Tajiye,
Looking forward to reading your book sometime soon. Don't know how full your plate is and if your willing to co-author
any other works but i feel like I've got a couple of books in me as well. I've been keeping a journal since my experience
began. I've also written songs and poems since 1992, so i have a way with the written word.
Hulon Thompson

TJ, this subject of male breast cancer sounds like it could very well be something that needs to be brought to light and
talked about. I don't know if you knew but Montel Williams had breast cancer along with the mastectomy surgery. I think
that any information shared would be beneficial and help with the healing process of both men and women.
Julie Hall (Natomas, CA)

Tajiye, I want to say Thank you for being such an inspiration... You have a beautiful heart and soul that touches others
deep down into their minds and hearts... You bring true happiness into people's life's... Tajiye your journey has begun
and you are changing the world one poem at a time... Thank you for being you!!!! Thank you for being an inspiration to
me!!!! Tons of love and admiration for you always
Josie (Medical field) San Antonio, TX

wow! What a beautiful rendition of your already sexy and loving poem In too deep with you. Your voice is powerful and
sexy at the same time and your girl Natasha is out of sight with her sultry voice. The two of you make a great team.
Jasmine (Atlanta, GA)

Love the musical rendition of N2 Deep With U!  You and Natasha did an awesome job.
Alvean (Fresno, CA)

Love the song and the poem...You and Natasha did a phenomenal job together..
Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

Oh...love it..love it...love it.... Thank you for sharing such a beautiful melody. Just wonderful to hear your writings with
music. You are one of my hero's dear one...you have touched my life; more than you will ever know...and thank you for
loving me, in spite of myself....truly you are a blessing to me as well as the rest of the world!
Love Always, your friend for life,
Donna (Rayne) Poet (Bay Area, CA)

"Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! God's truly blessed you with lots of talent!!!
Anita  O. South Sacramento, CA (RTD Transportation)

Aww most definitely  It has been an amazing year I love your book and can't wait till the next one. You have done so
much and I am so proud of you and all you represent! I know I am taking a break from writing for a few weeks. Well love
you and have a fabulous holiday season much love n respect always
~Melanie AZ  

I must tell you that your blogs, poems, stories are amazing. They tend to take me away...like I forget where I am. If only
you could really do that...LOL
Anyway..thank you
Sabrina (London England) Healthcare Medical Records

[ UN 20.0 ] Hi son, I just printed the book so I can start reading it. Just looking at some of those titles sparked my interest
BIG time--I know it's off the chain=D>.  Love and keep up the good work.
-Momma Pat Elk Grove, CA

Dear Mr. Antwine,
I am thinking about being a author like you, (Between you and me I think of you as one of my inspirations.) An I made a
new poem.
"South Dakota is soda it's so very fun because theres only one."
(Young girl in the third grade) Elk Grove. CA

Please Check out my Brothers books and upcoming books at www.blacktastic.net and all the wonderful poets (including
myself! *smiling*)To be a part of such an amzing team. Some of my favorite poets on tha planet. Peace n Blessings to
you all MUAH!
Pocohantus AZ

To "My Dynamic Duals" Your Words are Dynamite To Our People. Changing the Hearts, Souls and minds one poem at a
Much Love,
Lil Mz Poetic Sacramento, CA

(UN 20.0) This book is so good that there is no words to describe it. Keep up the good work, you're grrrrr8.
Pat Young (retired) Elk Grove, CA

Hello Tajiye it's a pleasure to virtually meet you. Again thank you for the compliments and I too have checked your page
out and it's nice to find someone on the BP that shares the same interest as I do Thank you for the compliment, coming
from you is like getting the Ultimate compliment.
Debra (Greenville. MS)

Mr. Antwine,
Thank you very much. She will be so thrilled to see her words on your site. She has spoken very highly of you, and has
been inspired even more to write. Thank you for being so giving of your time with our children. I can see that you are
making a difference in their lives!
(3rd Graders Mom) Elk Grove, CA

Hi my name is kylie and I was wearing the black jacket over the pink sorta monkey shirt and I have a poem for you!

Frolicking through the wind you'll see me standing there; kissing the wind goodbye with flowers in my hair!

Thank you so much for setting all of this up for us…..You guys had over 100 5th graders completely engaged from
beginning to end. We thought the message was amazing and loved how you demonstrated that names are just names,
faces are just faces, skin color is just skin color, but when you take a  look deep inside we are all the same! Thanks for
sharing your personal journey with writing and inspiring kids to foster a love of reading, writing, and each other! We
would love to have you come back again next year.
5th Grade Teachers

I would like to thank all three of you for coming in and bringing the poetry to the level for third grade students. I
especially liked the fact that they took extra time with one of my students in particular. It was the first time in a long time I
could see this child participating. It was as if they had turned something on for him. Since that day they have come into
my class frequently to check on the student. This really makes this child feel extra special. On a second note, the child
has made a complete turn around since the day these 3 entered my classroom. It could be ironic, or it could be they
were just what he needed.
Toni Yazel (3rd Grade Teacher)

Dear Mr. Antwine, Mr. Young, and Mrs. Cristina I am happy that you guys liked my poem and I'm glad to share more the
next time you guys come to my school. I'll be happy to share lots more that I did!
Love, Kylie

Thank you for signing my guest book and leaving  your website address. I had the opportunity and pleasure to view it
today and I really love your poetry and what you are doing! May God continue to use you and I pray that you keep doing
what you are doing as we need more leaders and positive black men like you in our communities. I wish you were here in
the ATL!
God bless my friend,
Serenity0 (Conyers, GA)

Brother Hypnotic and Christina, I want to thank you so much for your support of Poetically Spoken Anthology; . . .
Blessings . . .
Bill aka Inner Child

It's beautiful!~I LOVE IT~It was exactly the way I Imagined it~ PERFECTION~ COVER OF UPGRADED NEGRO 20.0~ It's
soooooooo HOTTTT!
Maia Lee PA

Thats a difficult question...i could answer it easily if i had a gift for literature or poetry, which i am afraid i dont..however
for me i felt there was a passion and a deepness in your writing...i didn't spend a great deal of time on it as i was dealing
with my kids, i wont lie and say i was on it for hours..there was just something that made me read a few times over....but i
did feel passion in your writing, that it was maybe from experience...sorry your not getting a connisuer eye for your talent
from me, i am afraid its new to me...but i enjoyed what i read...x
Gillian, United Kingdo

Hello and thank you for becoming my friend. I look forward to reading your works that will one day affect change in our
Until then, take care...
Love and Blessings,
Martreece (Columbus, OH)

You are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mother Rose
(underground books) Sacramento, CA  
find your freedom...

Hello Hypnotic~ Where can I experience all that is you? I want to read the thought provoking lyrics I have heard about!
Are they in a book? Let me know so I can enjoy and share!!!!
Love and Blessings,
Martreece (Columbus, OH)

(Injured but not Damaged) She has certainly come in out of the darkness to stand strong.  There's a song by Crystal
Bowersox from American Idol fame... It's called Mommy Dear and really drops the truth on her mother after Crystal
moves on. I think Tina would appreciate the sentiment in the song.
Becky Wells Sacramento, CA

Through you love illuminates my nights and brings the sunshine in gray skies...Skies parted by your love giving me
signs of you holding the moon for me, smiling through to my soul, deeply in you is I...bleeding words that can only be
splashed cross air, guiding through the winds to each corner of the world. All shall know through you I am..
Urbabysosoft (Louisville, KY)

(Injured but not Damaged) This book of poetry is uniquely written of one women's true life stories of survival. Injured but
not Damaged forces us to see the reality of our society. A book that needed to be written for every man, women or child
who had to endure the same pain and hardship as Tina Long."An Inspirational Book"
Kim Sue Ngyuen (student at Sac State )

(BLACKANESE) I'm honored to be on your website...BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....is the website...I'm just speechless
and I am so so jealous I'm not living there....I would love to come to the poetry eve....
Wishing you a great and blessed day !
Much love from Germany.

Your Welcome Mr. Hypnotic. When I get a moment I'm gonna have to check out your page a little more. It looks
interesting and somewhat entertaining! Actually, I think I'm gonna get your book next month. I like to read. I wonder
where I can get a copy. Maybe I can find out online since we can find anything online~

Congratulations for going international!  Have a wonderful day!
Felicia CA

(Germany Invasion) YOU GO BABY!!!
Anita CA

(Germany Invasion) Big smile, thank you so so much.....much love from Germany.....

BLACKANESE (poem) In one word: BEAUTIFUL, really....I just don't have words for this.......I'm getting hungry for

(Germany Invasion) Omg ~ for real Germany!!
Maia Lee PA

(Germany Invasion) I see you've invaded Germany what's next?
Sandra McGee CA

(Germany Invasion) Yeah! Bro...Hypno....!!!! Good goin' international
Jerry Hawley CA

Hey TJ,
I got a chance to read some of your poems and so far, I am impressed. Some of them are a little heavy! I am so proud of
you. Keep inspiring us all. Its such a gift to express yourself through poems and writing.
Shannon McClain CA

(UN 20.0)   Hope your day is going great and you're doing even more greater!  Man I cant wait till your book has
arrived......but of course I will let you know.
Ruby (Germany)

(Germany Invasion) CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!   How fantastic.  I hope they pay for you to go over there on tour!!!!
Soooooo happy for you!  Be proud!

Wow Brother Hypnotic your page is so inspiring, almost hypnotizing. Always thirsty to hear about us. About our black
race. About us as a whole. The whole bunch, we have brought to this earth, that we never get credit for. I love reading,
and so much, love poetry.. You make a sista love it more, because you are puttin it down... Its so pleasing to my heart, &
soul to hear a brotha, talk about Kings & Queens. If only we could have that mentality today. Life would be so different. I
would like to give you, all your due credit: of props, congratulations, and most of all Thank You.. You are an inspiration,
motivation, and a breath of fresh air. Much, Much Love Keep puttin it down.. Keep in touch...
Suuggatee (Manteca, CA)

How you doing Brother Hypnotic? Hope all is good.. . I'm always down with spreading the word of love, history, and
prospering together, to everyone especially to our people. I would love the opportunity to read your books. Next time
you're in Manteca, let me know. I'm a full time student studying Industrial Technology (Machine Maintenance). I'm about
to cook breakfast, and head out soon. Take care Love, and keep in touch. Much Love..
Suuggatee (Manteca. CA)

(Book signing for UN 20.0 9-17-11 ) Hey TJ just received your book signing date for the Underground. Can't wait will see
you there and see you before the signing. On the road now driving through Texas on my way to New York. Hope
everything is good on the homefront.
Julie Hall Natomas, CA

(Book signing for UN 20.0) I AM SO PROUD OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could be there !!!! BIG BIG SMILE !MUAH !
Ruby (Germany)

(UN 20.0) When my husband brought home this book I actually read it before he did. Let me tell you, I could not put this
book down from the time I opened up to the first page. I read the first 120 pages and I will finish the rest soon. You claim
it’s the most controversial book of the year but I have to disagree! It’s also the sexiest book of the year as well. The way
you express your love for the opposite sex is a dream put to paper. I just love the poem FUDGE!
Rosemary (South Sacramento, CA)

I am soooo proud of you and all that you have accomplished in such a short period of time!  You are an awesome and
very intelligent young man, and we as a race of people should be very grateful for all your supporting efforts for
reaching out helping us to reach our potential goals in life..I love you, and God Bless you my "King"  one who shares his
knowledge and wisdom with the world!!!
Delores Sacramento, CA

(Documentry) Keep me posted. You may consider having the Legislative Black Caucus hold a premier for your
documentary at the Crest Theater?
Russell Stiger

(Documentry) That's what I'm talking about nephew!
Love Vikki (Los Angeles, CA)

(UN 20.0 book/SUPREME SISTA poem) Smiling, your book arrived today...juhuuuuu....I read the 1st poem and loved it
Ruby (Germany)

(Book signing for UN 20.0 9-17-11) We'll be there for your book signing. Congratulations!
B. Sacramento, CA

(Book signing for UN 20.0) Please forgive me Tajiye, but I won't be able to join you at Underground Books.  I have a
book-signing in Brentwood the same day.  But look at you, a second book!   Congratulations!
Sherie Labedis
See my book, You Came Here to Die, Didn't You, on
my website www.sherielabedis.com

(Book signing for UN 20.0) Can't wait for this wonderful event!   Smile!!!

Mother Rose

underground books
2814 35th Street
Sacramento, CA  95817
(916) 737-3333

find your freedom...

(The Sacramento Bee/SUPREME SISTA) That is awesome or how you would say it "that is Blacktastic!!!! ".......I
remember you on myspace just blogging and look at you now....You are doing so much more than just changing the
world one poem at a time.....I don't think you realize how powerful your words can be.....good or bad, they could love you
or hate you......but you are leaving an impact on people lives that will be talked about.....
"It will be controversial, it will be beautiful, it will be insightful and most of all, it will be cultural" is one of your quotes from
the back of your book and you couldn't be more right.....Your poetry speaks of love, passion, friendship, strength and
the true beauty of a women......You make us think and with some of us you changed their opinion and their lives......
Your poetry is for everyone!!
Respectfully yours, Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

(The Sacramento Bee/SUPREME SISTA) Congratulations!
Kimberly Edwards Sacramento, CA

How you doing brotherhypnotic? Just thinking of you, and wanted to touch basis. How are things going? Hope all is
good. Its getting closer to that time 8-9-11. I pray that you are blessed, and nothing but success, love, peace, and
happiness enters your path. Keep in Touch, Much Love.. God Bless You!
Tanya (CA)

(AIP's movie reviews) I'll be anxious to read your review of  the movie "The Help"  when it comes out.
Kimberly Edwards Sacramento, CA

(The Sacramento Bee/SUPREME SISTA) Someday, we're going to be able to say, "We knew him when he was
Next thing is politics and Oprah's new show! Congratulations AGAIN!
You're going places!!!
B. Sacramento, CA

(UN 20.0/Blazzin' the mic) Your so very welcome !! Now tonight we Blazze the Mic!! Are we friends on FB ? If not add me
and I'll drop a reminder on your page. Once again I LOVE that book title! I got a real kick out of it :)~
Candace (Host of blazzin' the mic) Alaska

Always a pleasure coming together with you, keep shining!

Hey you, I would love to come to Cali to check out your work as well as you checking out mines....IGOB4U
Debra (Poet) Greenville, MS

I came by to check this page in reference to my friend marshal young and I must say that I have enjoyed reading relative
Gerald Richadson

(AIP movie review "The Help")
Saw The Help today. Movie exceeded my expectation. My daughter (age 30) cried throughout because she had no idea
how bad people were treated in the 1960s. She found the treatment of the maids, separate toilets and when the maids
were hit and arrested, shocking. She knows that's not the half of it. I think that younger generations of white kids will be
enlightened by seeing this movie, getting emotionally involved with the black characters and seeing what asses the white
"social" women are. I felt the movie shows how acts of courage, even by those who feel they have little influence, can
lead to empowerment. Loved the song at the end by Mary J. Blige.
Kim (Northern California Publishers & Authors) Sacramento, CA

A lot of good things happening in Sacramento and one of them is you!
Auntie  (Victoria Martin-Hunt) Los Angeles, CA

(UN 20.0) Highly Recommended-You must check it out!!!
This book is "Gravitating, exciting, nourishing to the mind and body. It takes you to a place of warmth and peace...but on
the other..it has you floating on a cloud. It has sex appeal...a mind of it's own. This book talks to you...it has character,
charisma, charm, it relaxes you inside and out...This is a book that you can take anywhere...it takes you on a personal
voyage!!! I would definitely read other books written by this author.

Listening to Tajiye's passion for the written word, "up close and in person," would motivate even the most reluctant
Jennifer Dutcher (Second Grade Teacher)

BROTHER HYPNOTIC, I just wanted to tell you that was a great book signing......One of the best book signing I have
been to for you....you out did yourself once again.......you did a fantastic (blacktastic) job!!!!
Christina (Elk Grove, CA)

(Book signing for UN 20.0) Had a good time, met some new people, saw some old friends.  Interesting reading, will take
a little at a time.  Best wishes for a successful publication.
Dale Wells (Sacramento, CA)

(Book signing UN 20.0) We had a wonderful time at your event.  It was good to see everyone and to hear you speak and
read from your book. The atmosphere was sooooo positive and UP and friendly that it was a pleasure to be around
Congratulations on another success and thanks for introducing us and all the good words!
Mother Rose offered to sell the cookbooks I have left, so that will be another good thing to come from your group!
Becky (Sacramento, CA)

(Book signing UN 20.0) It was good to see you on Saturday.  I am proud of what you are doing and how you are making
your effective impact on the planet.  I’m not at all surprised, though.  You had greatness in you when I knew you last.  I
have always appreciated your friendship to the girl I was back then.  I’m thankful I have the opportunity to let you know.
The thing is, I believe the Universe knew I needed to see someone outside my current circle of influence who is doing
their damn thing to keep me on point with my goals and desires…  You were it and you didn’t even know it.  Heck, I didn’t
even believe it and was scared to go to the book-signing.  But here we are and I am grateful.
Take care,
Susan S. (Rancho Cordova, CA)

(FROM A WINDOW SERENITY) I’m proud to say that I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Eber & Wein
Publishing on this incredible journal called FROM A WINDOW SERENITY. My favorite poem in the book is BROWN MAN
by Orlando A. Vivians on page 214

(UN 20.0) I had the opportunity to listen to your show the other night. Your book UN 20.0 is an interesting book to read,
unfounded, racist and slandering towards white Christians by writing God Complex, W.E.T., and Black Republican. Just
so you  know that in today's society white male Christians faces more discrimination than other races.
I do not understand why some people choose to follow you and hang on your every word!
Robert Reagin (Delivery Driver) Sacramento, CA

Very in your face but stirring to the inner soul. I was told by a friend that I absolutely had to read this book and then later
we would have to have a conversation about it. I'm a believer in the power of words and Brother Hypnotic is influential
without question! This book is Powerful, provoking, provocative, and intelligent.

(Guest speaker) I met Tajiye the other day at the Parrott House.  I wonder if he is still interested in speaking at the  
grand opening on October 11.  I have tentatively scheduled him for 3:00 to 4:00
because all the children will then be out of school.  Please email me so I can spread the word.  Also, if you are inviting
people I would like to know how many and maybe even who so I can make the appropriate arrangements. Thanks for
your interest in the Parrott House. Thanks to God and good people like you it is shaping up to be bigger and better than
I ever thought possible.
Muriel Flores (retired teacher) Sacramento, CA

(Guest speaker) Hi Tajiye,
Thank you for your speech yesterday at Parrot House.
Your rhetoric was inspiring; I really thought the structure of your speech was well planned. I tried to mimic it a bit,
opening with the meaning of your name was a great starting point. I also liked this rhythm of "Great Accomplishment
(won a scholarship) and following it with a personal hardship that you overcame.
Ryan Lee (Paralegal) Elk Grove, CA

(Guest speaker) Thank you so much for taking time to come to our classroom and encourage my super star students.  
You are officially an honorary super star yourself.  
Mrs. Dutcher (2nd grade teacher) Elk Grove, CA

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D)
Real, real, real nice! Heavy D is acknowledging you right now. Thank you so much for sharing.
Many blessings,
Barbara Range

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D ) LOVELY, TAJIYE!!!  YOU'RE SUCH A WONDERFUL POET AND

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D) That is AWESOME! I'm going to make sure at least one
of my co-workers reads it. Thanks for sharing.
Marlo Joy

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D) Your tribute is very talented...
Genesis Hayes (college student)

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D) I read your poem on Heavy-D, wow! You've done it
again my friend...You write so well... You know it's such a joy, and very relaxing to be able to read such beautiful words
coming from a dynamic individual such as yourself.  You always manage to capture the essence of the situation, and
that's not  always an easy job to do.  
Delores aka Lil Mz Poetic (author/poet)

don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D) Yes Nephew we all are asking Why?  The poem is the
truth spoken.  Thanks for sharing it.
Auntie (Los Angeles, CA)

Yo Bro Hyp! & Christina thanks for your support of my music and I hope you find some tracks that inspire you as your
poetry does for me I look forward to hearing more words of wisdom!
Billy (Guti.b) local rapper

After twelve months and many, many hours of reviewing the thousands of poems submitted to us from poets all over the
country, we’ve selected you to be featured in Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011. Congratulations on this
accomplishment, as only our top 15% of poets are invited to contribute to this distinguished group.  Look for BROTHER
HYPNOTIC in the upcoming book Best Poets of 2011.
You’ve displayed an excellent ability to express yourself through poetry. It’s a special talent you will share with others in
this publication; however it’s a very rare talent overall. I believe your unique insight will add to this project and will
distinguish you as a leader in the world of poetry.


John T. Eber, Sr. (Shrewsbury, PA)

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011) CONGRATULATIONS, TAJIYE!!!  
ALOHA *~ ANITA (Sacramento, CA)

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011) Congratulations!... is definitely in order, "To Our Leader of Poetry" Our
King of Poetry has done it again, and I am very proud to be a part of none other than the #-1 "Black and Tasteful "
Publishing Company.  Brother Hypnotic has come a long way from where he use to be, and farther along than he was a
year ago!  The evidence is not in the "Pudding,"  but in his "Writing!" History has been made once again by our very on
Mr. Tajiye Antwine-aka- Brother Hypnotic.
To everyone all over the world...Have a Blacktastic Day!
Lil Mz. Poetic (Sacramento, CA)

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011) AWESOME!  So proud that you’re my friend…
Susan Schultz (Sacramento, CA)

(Woman to Woman DVD) Thank you sooo much for the feedback. It is well received and most appreciated. Is your book
in Underground books?
Mikal Brown- CEO    beyourbusiness.com

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011) FANTASTIC  !!! I just keep sending you more and more congratulations.
Soon you'll be getting a Pulitzer Prize for your poetry and going to the White House to shake hands with the President.  
That wouldn't surprise me in the least!!
Becky Wells Sacramento, CA

I don't understand; so that's why I ask why (Tribute to Heavy D) That was a nice tribute to Heavy Dee.
Veronica (Los Angeles, CA)

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011)  Great news!!
Victoria Martin- Hunt (Los Angeles, CA)

(Eber & Wein Publishing: Best Poets of 2011) Awesome loving it :)
Melaine B. Jones (Yuma, AZ)

Keep pushing the pen!
Veronica (Los Angeles, CA)

Black Republican 2 from the book ELECTROBLACKNETIC: When you snooze you loose...yet, you still have to pay them
damn dues...  I love it...said it loud..."I'm BLACK and I'm PROUD!"  Another masterpiece wrapped around Blackness...
much love..
Lil Mz Poetic (Sacramento. CA)

Black Republican 2 from the book ELECTROBLACKNETIC: That is one powerful piece Hypnotic....it speaks voulmes!!....
thank you for sharing
Tina Long (Sacramento, CA)

Black Republican 2 from the book ELECTROBLACKNETIC: WoW, and WoW! Knock me upside the head, why don't cha
:)! Another great job son. Love
Patricia Young (Waco, TX)

Black Republican 2 from the book ECETROBLACKNETIC:  I like! Your doing a blacktastic job!!
Veronica (Los Angeles, CA)

Evening, I referred a great young lady currently a struggling student at Langston University who writes poetry to your
website to check out your work. Hope you can check out some of her work. I could see you being a very influential
Christy Frazier (Oakland, CA)

Knock them dead tonight son, but first get them sooooooooooooo HIGH that they won't know what hit them and they
won't feel any pain.... (:  Love you.
-Mom (Patricia Young) Waco, TX

(916 Poetic Thoughts in Oakland, CA) So, you're going to be with Milton! I wish I could be there, but our opening  is on
that day! Fantastic, "Blacktastic".
Much love,
Barb  (Sacramento, CA)

Peace and Love brother Tajiye;
May the creator continue to bless you, Sister Barbara and the entire BLACKTASTIC Crew. Much kudos to Barbara
Range for the beautiful and irresistible Vibe at the BRICKHOUSE website. Your entire enterprise exudes creativity, love
of our people and inspiration. Thank you for sharing the wealth of your insight and you spirit of inclusion. Yeah, there's
room at the top for all who dare. Looking forward to seeing you soon.  
One love, Yusuf Jamal (San Fransisco, CA)

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Lovely Poem Tajiye...You're beautiful!
Anita Ollero Sacramento, CA

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Ahhh I'm really trippen; Brother Hypnotic knows that Whitney was my singing inspiration.
Looks like she'll be pouring out her blessings in heaven...Its sad that this disease can control the mind...I thank God
everyday for my 8 years of sobriety and peaceful heart and mind rip Whitney regardless of your demons you were and
always be a living legacy.......
Dana D'Amico (Hair Stylist) Sacramento, CA

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Thank you for sharing. The was sweet and gentle. It made feel like her spirit was resting
now. All is well.
Barbara Range (Artist) Sacramento, CA

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Love it! Whitney was always my favorite no matter what people said about her. This is
beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Marlo Joy (Stockton, CA)

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Simply Beautiful.......
Georgia kimble (Inglewood, CA)

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) This is great and very heart felt. I am sure you will be getting some good responses to this
Love-Mom (Waco, TX)

(Dedication to Ms. Houston) Very, very nice.  I hope you've posted this beautiful piece of poetry to her Facebook page.  
for all to see, Have a blessed day!
Chana (Sacramento, CA)

love your poetry and i look forward to seeing you perform at the Coffee Garden the next time
all the best
Cynthia Silverman (Singer) Sacramento, CA

Brother Tajiye;
First of all I want to congratulate you and extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, The Source, Barbara
Range and all the BLACKTASTIC family for letting me be a part of a beautiful night of Hypnotic, dynamic and thought
provoking spoken words at the Brickhouse Gallery on 2/24/12. First of all the ambiance and Afrocentric vibe established
by Barbara Range’s collection of magnificent artwork that caressed the walls, and the musical groove you laid down set
the tone for a night to remember.
The diverse collection of poets and speakers you chose and the wide range of subject matter kept the audience
salivating for more. I was on the edge of my seat all night. Your poetry, and delivery, needless to say, coupled with your
distinctive voice only verified your well deserved name Brother Hypnotic.   
In the spirit,
Yusuf J. Lee (Poet) New York/Cali

Thank you, I'm honored.... Truly. I read some of yours also. Incredible talent and deep thinker. I appreciate you stopping
I will definitely be in touch....I hope the day finds you well and people dealing with you honorably.
Tela (Poet) Chattanooga, TN

Hope wanted to tell you thank you!........You most definitely made her day, her mouth dropped, she was completely
speechless and could not stop smiling.....she couldn't believe that her poems were published in a book....she was so
happy that she ran back to her desk to get some more of her poems to show!......You have most definitely made an
impact in this little girls life!
Like you said on the back of your book "The title says it all".......CHANGING THE WORLD ONE POEM AT A TIME!
Christina (Sacramento, CA)

Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time (the book)
Thank you! I love your book!
Mrs. Sahs (1st & 3rd Grade Teacher) Sacramento, CA

Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time (the book)
My My My... WOW! I just finished the book and it's awesome! You hit a home run with this one and your  writers are a
fantastic choice to feature! TWO Thumbs up!!! luv
Patricia Young (Waco, TX)

LOVE FOR YOU TO PUBLISH THEM (*when they are complete*).
finding words are hard now because i really can't EXPRESS verbally this amount of JOY and HAPPINESS in my heart and spirit . .
B.Nspired the Poet (Sacramento, CA)

Tajiye "Hypnotic" Antwine, the show’s DJ and MC, revealed that his connection to the barber shop was a result of his mother’s job as a hair
dresser while he was growing up. He chuckled remembering how he was her guinea pig, and went through every hairstyle under the sun.
“My nick name was ‘Jerry Curl,’ ‘S Curl,’ ‘California Curl,’ you name it,” he recalled. More passionately, he articulated, “Hair is part of our
hostility, our culture; it’s a way to express yourself.”

Hypnotic then expressed himself with a poem called, “The Stars Are No Longer Bright,” which warned against worshipping man-made
concerns, and used the idolatry of shallow celebrity culture to illustrate his point.
(Sacramento Press) by Vanessa Labi

WRISTWATCH: How I survived Vietnam as a Black man
Chapter 5 is mind blowing, I always asked why don't we ever see presidents serve in the war. If they are so damn proud then why don't they
draft themselves and their own families.
Renee (Ukiha, CA)

Tajiye L. Antwine, known as Brother Hypnotic, is a poet, author and founder of poetry site blacktastic.net. He performs monthly at the Brick
House Gallery and Studio Complex in Oak Park and writes powerful pieces on pride and the experiences of African Americans. Growing up
in racially charged and often violent areas of Compton and Long Beach, Bother Hypnotic believes strongly in promoting inner strength and
cultural pride. He authored a book with empowering poetry for children and encourages other artists to share their vision in spite of
Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and
worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
Her work can be found at Examiner.com.

Its official, BLACK GENESIS by Brother Hypnotic will be part of the curriculum in the Los Rios college school district. It will be studied and
discussed in English writing 101, English writing 300 taught by Professor Miller at Sacramento State University and Cosumnes River

Congratulations! This is great! So happy for you. I will let Yusuf know too. Good job!
Darcel Lee

congratulations ! that is terrific news and really good for the students happy Christmas to you all from Be
Be Davison Herrera

Congratulations!! If it would be anyone to break down barriers, Tajiye, I have always said it would be you! So proud of you, speaking it into
existence  :-)
Anna Marie

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Congratulations brother.  You blessings are plentiful and your bounty is endless.  Stay on the path.
Congrats & Much Love,

Go head brah. That off the hook. Congratulations is in order for you and all the work you've done.
Steven Clark