I have a Date with Poetry   

A night on the town I’m going to have to cancel baby

I have a date lined up and she is already ready

She spent the night with me so I decided to sleep in

She lets me be myself and encourages my sins

Thanks for the invite but I’m going to have to take a rain check

I’m in the mood for contempt, insolence and disrespect

She allows me to be me at all times

She influences my good deeds and adores my hate crimes

She backs me in all that I believe in

Understands my mental scars and lived in the places I’ve been

Constantly whispering in my ear

When life becomes cloudy she makes it clear

She is my backbone

In her womb is where I call home

We are so close-knit

Everything I don she fits

We expressively co-exist

Fits in the palm of my hand when I make a fist

I’ve been waiting up all night for him

To seduce me with the strokes of his mind and pen

He writes and recites my every whim

Knows my body like a lover and my soul like a friend

And I give in again and again

As he blurs my vision like tonic and gin

Like putty in his hands I let him mold me

Caress me and hold me, gently fold me

Into verbal masterpieces in the making

I am content to be simply his for the taking

Mentally romancing me, I think he fancies me

He has turned words into tangible poetry

He’s teaching me things, tapped into my dreams

With the right melody he might make me sing

Though creation is fragile, his fingers are agile

He takes my fears and makes them manageable

And I am thankful, grateful

For this cup that was half empty now being half full

Hypnotic & Anna Marie

from the book

Beautiful Soul

When I look into your eyes I see something beautiful

A light that shines in you that keeps you so youthful

Your heart is filled with love and you are so compassionate

Your desire is unmovable and truly indefinite

Just like a love letter from your love one you can’t wait to open and unfold

Your outer beauty is unmatched but in this case I’m referring to your Beautiful Soul

God walks with you so rest assure your Soul will be cleansed

The eye is the window to the Soul and I can see my reflection in your lens

Your good will and fortune is what influences me

Like two mirrors facing each other I can see continuously

Looking evil right in the face without any fright

You have supreme confidence because God is your light

It’s your inner spirit that acts as a sacred device

You squeeze the passion out of me like a spiritual vice

You have the ability to heal with your encouraging words

Sometimes it’s hard to listen but best believe I heard

A supernatural being with a Beautiful Soul

The reason I know is because God told me so

I prayed all my life for an angel like you

You are a blessing from heaven one of God’s chosen few

You and I have been friends ever since the 8th grade

And you have always forgiven me for every mistake I’ve made

From the day that we met I knew there was something special about you

It was the way that you smiled and you had a Halo suspended over you

All your life you’ve done nothing but good

So don’t ever look back and wonder if I did or I should

You are an angel that has been sent down to walk among us

A Shepard with the power to help deliver us

It’s like a perfect melody every time I hear your laughter

I love you in this life and the one coming after

A friend like you only comes once in a life time

And I thank the All Mighty that you’re a friend of mine

In loving memory of Natasha Dickinson


from the book

Majestic Flow

Her words are like a soft kiss

Her essence is a tender mist

Her words come to life and touches my soul

She brighten my journey with her internal glow

The diva of expressions

Has taught me a lesson

To never question

My verbal obsession

She said give into the words

Let your knowledge be heard

I tell her the same thing

Let your utterance sing

You are the trees in the forest

The harmony in the chorus

It’s because of you I hold my head up high

It’s because of you in public I’m not afraid to cry 

It’s because of you I know I found my calling

It’s because of you in my dreams I’m no longer falling

From the first time I read your work we were destined to be

Us to become one you being an eternal part of me

My Red Suga has turned the poetic world upside down on its head

Tomorrow and forever we’ll be discussing what you just said

Because of you I’m able to hear the birds now sing

You help me understand this gift that GOD has allow me to bring

You’ve done to me only what I’ve done to you

Now pick up the pen baby and do what you do!

You remain calm when the situation is hectic  

In GOD you trust with a flow that’s majestic

Because of you by your words I’m forever haunted

Melanie B. Jones aka POCOHANTUS


from the book

Poems N Da Hood

My ghetto philosophy

Is Black History

I talk about pain

I talk about change

What we always knew

Is just now making news

We’ve reaped what’s been sewn

What we always have known

I come from ghetto hood life

My birthright is what I write

Our essence comes from the Motherland

We helped to father this land

Don’t question the verbiage

I was brought here to serve this

Eternal beast within

But I still manage to grin

Black happiness, we have to invent it

True freedom has yet to be extended

Living as Kings is optimistic

Hood life is more realistic

Picture this

Being on the endangered species list

The list is long not short

We all don’t make it out of the hood by playing sports

If I awake in the morning then life is good

It’s just another day n da hood


from the book

Heavenly Dreams..
(Inspired by Brother Hypnotics "Imagine")


Darkness without light

Night time

with no daylight

in sight


a voice

that can't be



life without

spoken word


if time

had no face


if there were no stars

in space


if there were no written


No ones voice could be


Blank pages

left pristine


if we lived devoid

of dreams...


if you looked

but saw no-one at all


even in silence

you didn't hear

God's call



with no promise

of Heaven



with no blessings



no love

given or taken

wishing you

were sleeping and would

never waken


no flowers

In this garden of life


life's journey

with no

husband or wife...

Now see

the blessings

of each brand new day

And see

your BFF

and conversations shared


time is precious

not to waste

Marvel at the


made by God's greatness

Sitting under starlit skies

enjoying the journey

are my husband and I

Write of His

Greatness and blessings


incorporate it

into your daily living

Get on your knees

and pray to your God

for just waking

to a new dawning


with words to say

is a blessing

With this voice

His praises

I sing

for He has promised

a better place


The journey not easy

we all have our plights

but keep your

eyes on Him

and there will always

be light

We shall join Him

in a place

we can scarcely


where peace and harmony

will be all that we see

the end

of our Worldly


Pocohantus~Mel B.

from the book


Imagine a world with eternal peace

Imagine a hood with no homeless in the streets

Imagine if I were you and you were me

I would feel what you feel and you would see what I see

Imagine a forest with no trees

Imagine an island in the middle of no sea

Imagine a spring with no breeze

Imagine no soft music to put you at ease

Imagine my voice with the aid of percussion

This would turn into a song no longer a discussion

Imagine if you couldn’t imagine

The brain would cease to exist and nothing would happen

Imagine if there were no God

Wow! That would be odd

Imagine if we were all white and look the same

At least blacks would no longer be the blame

Imagine if Prince did a song with Michael

Imagine if the Devil rewrote the Bible

Imagine a world without religion

Put our faith in man; are you kidding?

Imagine a society with no taxes

Imagine if the planet would rotate off its axis

Imagine if there were no atmosphere

Imagine living without fear

Imagine a world with no poetry

Then it’s possible you would have never heard of me

A world without black words being heard can you imagine?

A world without BROTHER HYPNOTIC can you fathom?


from the book

The way a Sista talks to a Brutha

I love the way the Brutha talks to me

I love the way the Brutha walks up to me

Only a Brutha can make a Sista feel like a Queen

Only a Sista can make a Brutha feel like a King

I love the way the Brutha talks with his hands

I love the way the Brutha looks when posted in his stance

Only a Brutha can make a Sista feel like royalty

Only a Sista knows the true essence of how to spoil me

It was the Brutha’s in da hood that invented the affectionate term boo

I’m infatuated with Alicia Keys but I’m in love with you

A true Brutha knows how to tell his Queen her proper place

He’s telling me for my own good to uphold the African American race

I remember watching the 1992 Watts Riot and we both cried together

She said your Afro Centric body heat keeps me warm in cold weather

Only a Brutha knows how to make a Sista feel proud

Only a Brutha knows why a Sista speaks so loud

We understand that a Sista needs to be heard

We understand the pain behind her words

Baby oil shimmers when I rub it all over your skin

My dark skin and your light skin look beautiful when they both blend

Naturally scented no need for perfume

You can feel our magnetic energy from across the room

Always ask a Sista and never ever assume

Step out of line, well welcome to the Black Temple of Doom

Only you can rock those braids the way you do

So unique the way you speak there’s no substitute for you

A real Sista is built to last

Working towards her future while remembering her past

This is for my Queens


from the book

Black Apache

My Black Apache

From the 4 winds

I am grateful for you my friend

Inspiring me to push my pen

A warrior of words

Wisdom that needs to be heard

To go where I haven't been

To do better than yesterday

Encourage me with the words you say

Making me think outside my box

Inspiring "small talk"

You know "I love it when you call me baby!"

You Hypnotized me

With "Black Suga/Red Suga"

Taking me back to a place where

I was *smiling*

Forever whiling

Taking me on a cultural expedition

Sharing our traditions

You know we are in"Sync"

Sharing the thoughts we think

"Riddle pt. 2"

All the minds we blew

Black Suga you got a special place in my heart

So my gratitude I do impart

Thank you for as we change the world one poem at a time

Doing what we do always in rhyme

Knowing that the world is a better place

For the issues we give a face

The voice needing to be heard

I thank you for all the words of encouragement and kindness

Because you are the best

Wit you I have been blessed

You know the rest...

Keep shining your light

You shine bright day or night

Yes you are"thunder n lightning"

Poetic awareness you do bring

My poetic half I got Madd luv for you

I know your *smiling* because you know it's true

One luv

Words I can't say enough...

Pocohantus~Mel B.

from the book

The Stars Are No Longer Bright

We look up into the sky because we are amazed

On a warm summers night it’s inspiring to look up and gaze

This tale that I tell is not about astrology

But more about humankind’s obsession with fame and glory

People who do anything to be the headline story

Sell their fable to the National Enquirer or be a guest on Maury

By the power of corruption they become immortalized

I can’t stress it enough or try to emphasize

Only God not people should we only idolize

It takes the walls to come crashing down to finally realize

Don’t drink and drive especially when you’ve been sippin’

Because you can end up with a famous mug shot like Mel Gibson

Cleveland fans used to adore the King aka LeBron James

Now the city of Cleveland wants to bury him and throw dirt on his name

Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan grew up on the Disney channel

Now they’re on TV’s Extra mixed up in some kind of scandal

This goes to prove that we should not worship things that are man made

Even stars burn out and eventually fade


from the book

One with the pen
Part Two

I must confess my greatest sin

My passion where I begin

I’m addicted to the ink inside of my Pen

I have to do it again and again

Because the ink is an extension of me

We do blend completely

Many Blacks have died in order for my words to be free

Written in blood from my ancestors you see

Indians and Africans were robbed of their land

With parallel stories we both have in hand

I’m going to keep writing the truth until I get a cramp in my hand

On the freedom to let my ink flow I do stand

Keep fighting injustice until the less-fortunate is safer

My position remains strong and shall never waiver

Writing so much that paper mills run out of paper

Words upon the soul I am an engraver

When I drop knowledge on folks it’s like dropping a bomb

My ink is my voice listen to my song

My words sing praises like church choirs sing songs

Caressing you mind where my words belong

Ink from my Pen is like blood from my veins

Cultivating thoughts to create my ink stains

Spilling my blood for all to see and to feel my pain

Always climbing higher on this mental plane

The Pen and I are embedded so together we are One

My thoughts my ink my quill 2b come One

A Pen in my hand is like aiming a gun

Sharp as a double edge sword second to none

I click the top of a pen and my brain starts to operate

Dipped in ink within my soul where my story assimilates

This is food for thought, so who haven’t ate?

A mental meal served on a poetic plate


from the book

Red Suga

With every stroke of her imaginative pen

She warms my heart and makes me smile as I rub my chin

Historical facts and knowledge is what she prefers

She said it was I that resurrected the dead poet inside her

Ever since the first time she came to my BP page

She felt my hunger and understood my eternal rage

One of the few to successfully write about me

Describing all that Brother Hypnotic stands for down to a T

She joined in the fight with me for all of humanity

Taking back what’s been stolen and giving it to our people for free

I had no idea that I was there throughout her personal adversity

Now I truly understand why she undoubtedly loves me

Long ago she called me her Black Apache

At the top of her totem pole is a carving of me

Honor my Red Queen you know I am

She has so much soul that brutha’s and sista’s both say dayumm

Socially aware with a style that’s directly sarcastic

We welcomed her with open arms to Planet Blacktastic

It was my voice flowing over those tracks that made her insides melt

She said I’m N2 DEEP WIT’ U because your hypnotic verses I felt

We oppose all foes that do devilish deeds and masquerade as saints

It was the Africans and Indians when in battle that wore facial war paint

The fight against injustice we’ve fought it together

I don the dashiki and she wears her Native Tribal Feathers

She represents everything that is sacred and noble

To feed all that’s in need her revelation is optimistically hopeful

Pick those up who happens to fall and stumble

With every stanza that she writes she remains graciously humble

When she shakes things up you can feel her ferocious rumble

She won’t let her Native American History die nor vanish or crumble

She stands up for the few and walks among the ones who struggles

And has no problems popping the white mans bubble

We’re in this as one and we have no fears

Her words are like bow-n-arrows and mines are like African spears

Even though she doesn’t want me to I’m going to brag and flaunt this

This goes out to the one and only POCOHANTUS

Ximximiiqutslic Snuxyaltwa is her Native Indian name

Because of you RED SUGA poetry will never be the same


from the book

Destiny of the Dream Maker

Mentally, I take her places that only I can take her

I’m the one who makes dreams come true, the Dream Maker

My destiny was destined

Since the day of conception

Cerebrally dead, your Dreams can resurrect you

Your Destiny is the guide that will direct you

Follow your Dreams, you can’t lose

I met her in my Dreams and now our Destinies are infused

I feel alive in my Dreams so I wait anxiously for the evening

During the day my head is in the clouds because now I’m Day Dreaming

Nightmares are ones insecurities supplementary with fear

Believe in TRUE FAITH and evil cannot enter your Sphere

Intelligence and aptitude breeds psychological Inception

Insanity and madness is what causes mental Insurrection

Do you walk amongst the brain dead in life’s reality?

Or will your Dreams come true to fulfill your Destiny

She comes rather quickly into the night

Helps me to dream into destiny of the twilight

No other could ever really know

The kind of dreams the maker makes, destiny’s throne

Of all the hopes and the dreams that one might possess

Could be found in an embrace or in an eternal kiss

She takes you on a journey; others would fear the dream

For if it weren’t for Her then where would He be

He leads the way; like a lion in the desert

He knows just what to do and he knows how to handle it

One might broadside the dreamer in the making

But no one can fathom the destiny of the waking

So fear not the embrace of one last final glimpse

For she dreams of him and she is his

Just one more day; they dare to dream in the evening

For he is her Dream Maker and she his Destiny….


from the book

I’m in love with a woman
Infatuation part 2

I’m in love with a woman, who doesn’t love me

I thought one day I’ll be carving our name in a tree

Unfortunately she doesn’t see me that way

When she does see me it’s always; hi have a nice day

She has a smile that you want to see for the rest of your life

The kind of woman you want to ask to become your wife

But these things are not my reality

Because I’m in love with a woman, who doesn’t love me

Could it be possible that we could co-exist?

I see no ring on her finger or a promise bracelet on her wrist

Every weekday we see each other on the subway

It seems like I can never think of anything to say

I’m thinking to myself how can I strike up a conversation

I’m steady praying to God for strength and motivation

When I do speak I stumble over my word and my pronunciation

She looks me up and down with curious observation

I just want to die and come back in reincarnation

Oh great, here we are at her stop at the subway station

My reality so sadly, is now a formality

Because I’m in love with a woman, who doesn’t love me


from the book


In the Lord we trust

We must love us

Or else how can we make it?

The world is ours if we reach out and take it

Sometimes we feel empty

Satan’s sin is infested in me

But let’s not concede to evil

Let’s rewrite history and make our own sequel

I have the right to preach

I write to teach

A pen and a pad is my motivator

My mom and dad are my earthly creator

But the Most High is the innovator

Planet earth is his incubator

Let’s cherish what we have

Soon our presence will be in the past


from the book

Warm December

Feel the heat from Brotha Black

Words that generate heat to melt poplar caps

Vapors of heat that roll off my tongue

Teaching not just some but everyone

I change winter into summer

I make imprisoned minds wonder

Follow me to the promise land

The land that generates permanent tans

Well I’m bringing Africa to the U.S.

When I start spittin’ it’s a hot mess

I’m not here to spread holiday cheers

I’m here to expose the white man's common fears

This is not for the Christmas season

This is to prove that my rhyme has reason

I make people think and take a moment of pause

Year round kids in my hood call me the Black Santa Claus

Christmas only exist in certain places where people live

Poor neighborhood fathers and mothers can’t afford presents for their kids

This is a tragedy for Black Families if I’m not mistaken

It’s like a man being attracted to a woman that’s already taken

I applaud the efforts of those who try

True gifts come from the warmth that people have inside

"Black words being heard" is no longer a myth but now reality

Don’t be surprised to see Santa Claus in a tank top at a Brother Hypnotic rally  

Hot enough 4 ya?

from the book


It’s good to know where you come from

We have the power to re-write our own out come

Outsiders don’t understand the connection

They love the way we show affection

It’s a known part of our affiliation

No longer will we tolerate humiliation

People try to comprehend the distinctiveness

They try to decipher the cohesiveness

We survive in a corrupt society

Our ethnicity brings forth variety

In our culture we have assortment

My black genes are active not dormant

Our ethnic tales has substance and range

Words that will make you re-examine and change

Our humble beginning gives us texture

We come in an array of colors and mixtures

My ethnicity brings about simplicity

It exist in me now I’m all I can be

If you check my ethnic background

You’ll know I belong on a thrown with a crown

I was sent here to be king among kings

Diversity and unity is what I hope to bring


from the book

Dream Factory

Reality used to be a friend of mine

Now I spend my time getting lost in time

Just looking for a place to escape

To many times reality has slapped me in the face

I wish I could find somewhere safe to hide

Instead of hiding behind objects I just hide inside

And there inside I’m allowed to Dream

I see so many things that’s never been seen

In reality it’s true that you might hate your boss

But in the Dream Factory you lay down the law and you’re the boss

In the Factory of Dreams is where written fantasies are formed

In actuality we call these written works poems

In the poetry world I was introduced to a kindred spirit

She listened real close to my words and said that she can hear it

In the land of Dreams she was able to grasp and comprehend

In the real world we became the greatest of friends

Together we escape to the Dream Factory so we can be free

I’m a part of her and forever she will be a part of me

I infuse knowledge with imagination which is truly unique

She Raynes down Fire and you can feel the heat

In our land of imaginings the blind are able to see

We are changing the world of reality with our poetry

In the land of Dreams is a land others wish to travel

Where they can find peace and life’s marvels

Live to dream; Dare to see your reality

Visions are clear as we take on our life’s journeys

Across the miles there comes a point where time seems to end

Listening to the echoes of one’s heart; wondering where does life begin

We all have traveled a million of miles to places some have seen

Other’s wish to travel to the places we may have dreamed

The road gets narrow and crowded; others seem to fade

Will we see you here tomorrow or will we dream of you today

Our journey seems to come to an end; to follow our souls as they roam

Life! Our spirit begins…..for we did not Dream alone…

Let your soul carry you, let your words soar upon it

For Rayne is your dreamer; and so is her Brother Hypnotic

Just follow their hearts; may your dreams never waiver

Trust in all that we may see; for love is all we treasure


from the book


I’m in sync with you

You do as I do

You are in my orbit

You soak up and absorb it

I give her fever

She wants me to relieve her

I’m her sanctuary

Blacktastic should be in the dictionary

I’m her sexual asylum

She say’s I stand beside him

In the bedroom we have chemistry

She loves my symmetry

When I move she moves

We are both in the groove

When I stare she stares back

Intense eye contact

We are in sync with each other

We rub feet underneath the cover

You always finish my sentences

I know where your sensitive spot is

This is sexual bliss

We have perfect cohesiveness


from the book

Black Skin

What’s more beautiful than the skin tone of my skin?

Is that true beauty comes from deep within

That’s another poem because I’m going to brag about the outer

I’m Black and I’m Proud I couldn’t say it any louder

My skin is tougher than Teflon but soft to the touch

Everyone is infatuated with it not little but much

People around the glob want to rub and caress it

Fifty years ago just the thought of it would get you arrested

Now cultures of the world are totally obsessed

With their eyes I feel myself being constantly undressed

It amazes me how Black is so sexy

Women of many nations love to get next to me

In the summer our skin shines like a Black pearl

What’s more beautiful than a Black woman is a young Black girl

Because she will grow into an appealing Black Queen

A reality for her but to others a dream

Her Black skin is as rich as her character

I get lost in the moment when I’m staring at her

When the sun kisses your skin you glow like an angel

Your skin is beautiful all over I’ve seen it from every angle

Black bends the spectrum of color to dark opposite of light

No matter how dark you are in my eyes you shine so bright

You wear your outer beauty with dignity and pride

You’re as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside

You challenge me to be all I can be

And you inspire me to be who I am for all to see

It’s because of you I do the things to keep you safe and protect you

To all my Sista’s I give tribute and special ado because I love you


from the book


Take it for what it’s worth

We as Egyptians were the smartest on earth

Through history if you search

The dominate species from birth

My genetics are stronger than yours

From my forefathers true knowledge pours

We’ve over come more than any other race

You try but you can’t take this smile off my face

I dare you as I stare at you

Black and white you can’t compare the two

You are afraid of what I’ve become

You tortured my father but not me the son

My words are like a barrel of a gun

I’m taking aim at who ever wants some

I will make you feel my pain

Let’s see if you can maintain

Please don’t try to explain

Because now it’s a Black thang

Black is beautiful

Black is unmovable

Black is fantastic

Welcome to planet BLACKTASTIC

These words are potent

Both written and spoken

You don’t want to step into my arena

This is my Hurricane Katrina

Blackology equals Upgraded Negro

I’m everywhere you go

You can’t escape it

I’m rich chocolate come taste it

You wish you could erase it

You might as well face it

I don’t want your apology

Take notice of my BLACKOLOGY


from the book


Wishing for better days was an African phrase
Together we prayed during the time when we were slaves

We optimized and soon realized
Through our children’s eyes we answered the call of our ancestor’s cries

We’ve all climbed the fence of racial ignorance
Now I’m leaving my fingerprint in hopes of remembrance


from the book


Thank you

for just being you

thank you

for giving me my voice

seeing your profile pic

I had no choice

but to click and enjoy

thank you

for inspiration given me

opening my eyes and letting me see

step outside my comfort zone

writing things I wouldn't have known

so much not understanding

on my feet still landing

my smiles bring new hope

daily with a new note

encouragement daily you bring

I thank you for taking me under your wing

I'm dreaming and the skies the limit

just little small glimpses

it's been a long time since someone believed in me

and let my dreams soar free

missing the things that make me smile

you brought them back a forever while

I hope that my work does you proud

it's your unleashing of her has allowed

me to be all the words that you see

my heart mind n soul set free

I will always be grateful to you

I will always be proud of all that you do

I have great admiration for you

Mad luv for your writing too

writing from your heart

wisdom you impart

brightening all corners of the world

voice is definitely heard

shine on always

today , tomorrow n always

a special place in my heart

you will always stay

Peace and Blessings for you

this I will always pray!

Pocohantus~Mel B.

from the book

Black Suga

Black suga baby AKA Brother Hypnotic

versus they rock the planet

some times the side of erotic

verse he neva takes forgranted

knowledge is power

he is armed to battle

his words are to empower

cages he's not afraid to rattle

topics are vast in his know

on the daily he grows

mind is never far from his rhyme

taking his time

to fill space n time

maybe important points rewind

never stopping barely sleeping

knowledge constantly seeking

tackling politics the hood then love

vast knowledge of Our Father's love

giving us food for thought

of all the things he has thought

a helping hand along the way

text to say have a great day

friends are not a commodity

if you are his you know what I mean

igniting passion to write in us all

thank you BH for answering your call

for the encouraging words

and the kindness in verse

changing the world one poem at a time

opening up of many minds

Mad luv for each verse and flow

ever grateful you will never know

peace and blessings I send to you

friends to the end n true

write on my friend

to times end

your legacy

is your poetry


from the book

Please Help Me!

Everyday life sometimes can be too hard to bear

It’s enough to drive you crazy and pull out your hair

I don’t know how much I can tolerate

I get so upset that my stomach aches

I try with everything in me to hold it together

I want to cause harm and I don’t care to whomever

The pressure is building I’m beginning to see red

I have several voices going off inside my head

Murphy ’s Law is trying to creep in

My thoughts are all over the place like a mental whirlwind

I’m trying to solve my problems all by myself

Then I fall to my knees and beg for help

Lord Jehovah please I think I’m losing my mind

Shine some light on the subject I promise I’ll look for the sign

I look up into the Heavens and I scream out loud

Suddenly a ray of light parted its way through the gloomy clouds

HE heard my plea as HE looked down upon me

Gave me a light to see to let me know it was HE

I know deep down inside I will never forget this day

As I stand to my feet I know that help is on the way


from the book
Injured but not Damaged


The mo’ hips the mo’ better

Baby got thighs 4ever

She keeps me warm in cold weather

In the business world she’s a go getter

You don’t have to be Black to be BLACKTASTIC

Give me a real woman no implants no plastic

I like my women like full course meals

You don’t have to be skinny to rock some 4 inch heels

I like a woman who knows how to cook

Give me a woman who’s comfortable with her looks

GOD gave me big hands for a reason

If I was a hunter THICK girls would be in season

Queen Latifah is the face of cover girl

One of the most beautiful women in the world

Give me Jill Scott all day long

Simply gorgeous and can sing the hell out of a song

Who said you need a two piece when you go out to swim

I find women attractive who are content in their own skin

Sometimes bigger is better

Skinny girls can’t sweat her

Her mind set is unfadeable

The last few Miss America’s were unstable

Let’s put Jenny Craig out of business

Weight Watcher’s we don’t need your assistance

Give me a woman with size

There is no compromise

Women look better when blessed with Black features

Be proud of who you are, we are all GOD’S creatures


from the book

Riddle? Pt. 2

Get me hot and watch my nature rise

Ohhh suga what a nice surprise

Trust me; I'll be a permanent fixture on your thighs

Baby should I indulge will this be wise?

Stare at it and watch it expand

Licking my lips and rubbing my hands

Go ahead and grab it, it's nice and warm in your hand

sticky and warm , sweet n soft mmmhhmm so grand

When you see that I'm ready you get excited

I'll be delighted if you want to nibble then bite it

it Mhmmmm baby this emotion I can't fight it!

the degree in me is what you've ignited

I love the way you moan when you put it in your mouth

Can you feel my emotions rising from down south?

Watching your eyes roll back in your head; that's what I'm talking about

when it is all gone on my lips there is a pout!

Your soft insides is what I'm lovin

Really don't know if I can get enough......

At this rate I'll put a bun in your oven

This I have to admit is a special lovin'

It's so delicious you told all your co-workers how good it was

your specialty is at my work all the buzz!

You bring me to work to share the love

Baby my friends can't get enough!

They say it's no fun until we all have some

One for all and all for one

An orgy of flavors until I'm gone

savor the flavors they can't go wrong

Are you trying to tell me you're willing to share?

You gotta know the saying to share is care!

I can satisfy all of them and that's the truth and a dare

Baby I know your got so much more to spare

You say the anticipation is killing you

maybe between the lines you find a clue

After I'm done feeling you then I'm eating you

you know I love these things you do

It's a fact of life that when I cool off

it has a tendency to get soft

the temperature is no longer to hot

Baby that really hit my spot

I see THE WRITER has all your heads shaking

Am I talking about baking bakery goods or hot love making?

Wondering where it is we are taking you

Satisfying your appetite and bringing out the freak in you


from the book

I Call Her...

Why is it you say that I'm trying to act white

is it because I use words not fists to fight?

You say I am well spoken

if I didn't know what intentions were

that  I might take it as a compliment.

When I was younger you stopped in the middle of the

street to slap me in my face?

And have the nerve to call me ignorant.

Because the color of my skin you think you have right to judge me?

I challenge you to get to know me first.

Before you say that the day I was born was cursed.

Now I'm going to set the record straight I was here before Christopher Columbus landed you see.

So my land was invaded you see

and now intend to dis me.

I am a proud Native Princess with long hereditary lines

a proud history you will find.

I may not be college educated , university integrated

Yes I'm self taught  but on the daily I learn a lot.

As people of this earth we are all the same.

Prejudice I've  got no time for hate.

Some raise up to become someone great.

Some are destructive with all their hate.  

Anger , hate and self glory brought down

some of the greatest civilizations.

See I don't blame you for what was done to my people

so how can you hate on me?

You say I am nothing because of my red skin.

That I shall stand barefoot and pregnant on the corner

of the street.

And that through alcoholism , drug addictions

I was conceived.

You tell me "just take modified courses" what do you need academic courses for?

No how could you know I strive for so much more.

Yet here I stand not any of the above.

With a passion for knowledge and a

heart filled with love.

I am more intelligent  than any stereotype.

So I demand that you to come at me right.

I am saying really there is no need to fight.

If you want to come at me on a mental plane

then I say bring it.

I don't pretend to know everything.

But I can come at you with everything I got.

See knowledge is power so I have the upper hand.

And if it's just the two of us who do you think is going to be left standing?

With this knowledge I have the ability to become better

I can withstand the stormy weather.

Knowledge is the power that allow me to control my destiny.

I only answer to my HIGHER power.

So your comments , my milk won't sour.

See I have a voice it's strength in words.

Not the venom you spit.

You think it is quick wit.

I speak of love , peace and happiness.

Because this is what I know best.

These are the things that make me aspire ,

these are the things I reach for higher.

SO before you judge me

I challenge you to know me.

I am not the color of my skin.

I am not where I come from or where I've been.

I  am not the nucleus of every stereotype.

I am ME and I am not going to give in to your hype.

I didn't catch your name?

What is that?

Oh yeah ...


I ask you to stand


for I don't have the time.

Peace out!

Melanie B. Jones

from the book

The Spark

At times there’s a light that goes off in your head

Do voices speak to you and do you remember what they said?

This spark lights the sky when it is dark

It’s a brainwave an electrical and mental spark

Not a light bulb but your cerebral capacity

It keeps you sharp and on point and controls your mastery

It gives you the ability to remember small minute details from last year

THE SPARK is identical to coming up with a bright idea

THE SPARK needs nourishment while it resides in the TEMPLE

Situations that were difficult can now seem simple

THE SPARK gives me the aptitude to write beautiful poetry

By the way I position words together my readers can distinguish it’s me

Deep in your subconscious THE SPARK will ignite

Some of our best ideas come alive at night

You’ll say to yourself I can get use to this

Transmissions from the brain activates the nucleus

THE SPARK is the element and vessel that allows your mind to soar

It spawns, produces and it’s contained by the inner core

Powerful ingredient that permits me to perfect my craft

I can say that I love you or my words can saw you in half

THE SPARK can ignite a flame

THIS SPARK ignites the brain

THE SPARK can light the sky

THIS SPARK is the third eye


from the book


I thought she was dead

all the rhymes in my head

forgotten ,  cobwebs replaced my pen

didn't think I would write again .

She was scared this isn't how

she wants it  to end

to stay alive in my minds eye

she had to fight she sent me on a journey

the events that unfold kinda eerie

I found an old friend he said

you need to get out

find a little piece of happiness

so I joined Girls Night Out

having some fun was what it was about

got me thinking what else do I miss ...  my pen?

was such bliss in search of something other than chat

I started to left click there it was a profile pic

so familiar so.... feels like home

Astounded His verses SIC

invade my mind

The only way to comment had to be in rhyme

There she stands so proud

so tall in my mind

I do find

her name is "POETRY"

her versus released me

she now dances freely

in the corners of mind

you can always find




Melanie B. Jones

from the book

To be loved

To laugh and smile

To find happiness

To be heard

To be respected

To be touched

To be wanted

To feel again

To live

To be free

To feel safe

To be strong

To trust again

To forgive

To hope and dream again

To believe in myself

Can this be possible for someone who is damaged?


Tina Long

from the book
Injured but not Damaged

Black Intellect

Does it matter that I got my degree from the streets?

Does it matter that I got my degree from a university?

I’ve been called an uppity Negro

That negativity follows where ever I go

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I’m a real down to earth Brotha!

I talk proper because I received a proper education

If I talk black you want to evacuate the situation

I can’t win from losing

Does it matter which dialect I’m using

Don’t get mad because I complete every sentence

Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my ghetto existence

Brother Hypnotic is not presumptuous

I took a hold of this because I want this

I always wanted to better myself

It’s not about money but self wealth

I have to keep feeding my mental

It’s essential

It’s I that delivers the goods

UPGRADED NEGRO from the hood

It’s I that is cool

I graduated from high school

It’s I that’s filled with knowledge

I paid attention in college

Now you know why I get mad respect

Brother Hypnotic has BLACK INTELLECT


from the book

Have You Seen Him?

Ladies imma tell you he is fine..... smooth like the finest of wines

a sweetness that forever on my lips stays

he is who I take to bed on a rainy day.

Now ladies he is the finest black sugar

out there you know the kind you find at the specialty store?

you know you gotta import this....

That sweet sensation lingers on my lips

and puts the swerve back in my hips.

His intellect oooh baby it is higher than most

and you can find him from mmmm  coast to coast.

You see he strives and hungers for knowledge

and I love that with a passion.

Because a man with a mind... Is the latest fashion

see now I'm not down for playas and schemers

Ohhhh  but baby I love the dreamers...

He needs a woman to meet him on that mental plane

Then if your lucky your mind will never be the same

intellectual stimulation that's what turns him on

He teases ,he pleases it goes on foreva....

I would say no to him neva...

He gives me an orgasm of the mind body and soul

How deeply he has touched me

I don't think he really knows....

His dreams reach to infinity maybe even further than that...

I think I may be in love with this CAT.

If you ask me he is..... The cat's meow.

He meets me in the here and now....

There is a problem I didn't see

He is the desire of many many many ...*sigh*

His words....yes words ...Adjectives

and oh girl those verbs please bring them down on me now.

Homophones , paralells oh lawd have mercy...

They are like April showers and they are so good.

For my soul they are.... Food.

Now I have to admit his verses are sic...

they make me whooooo.

He invades my mind he feeds my soul

the sentiments he reaps... I sow.

I have to find him everyday

and find away to get my fix.

because an ordinary brother isn't in da mix.

Now I know you're all wondering girl what is his name?

He is the Erotic Poet... My life won't ever be the same.....

(*wink wink*now baby you know who you are*blowing kisses*you know I got mad love for you.......n please don't let my
kisses fall by the ways side you better not let them fall to the floor....catch them please...lol.)

Melanie B. Jones

from the book

Let’s Look Back

Let’s look back to 1967

When all the hope we had was to go to heaven

Black on black was the only way to be

Fighting for equality was all we could see

We came together to fight for the cause

Try to put an end to the white mans laws

Sock it to me is what the sista’s say

Right on is what the brotha’s say

A big afro like Angela Davis

Listening to the knowledge that black history has gave us

Coming together is the only thing that can save us

Our accomplishments by us are the things that have made us

On August 28, 1963 reverend King gave “I have a dream”

1995 Michael Jackson taught us that it was OK to scream

1972 Jesse Jackson gave the speech “I am somebody”

Over 10,000 was in attendance and it was recited by everybody

1933 Thurgood Marshall received his law degree from Howard University

That helped the start of black prosperity

We still experienced hatred and constant negativity

Brother Malcolm said “By any means necessary”

1971 BROTHER HYPNOTIC was born

It was only a matter of time color barriers were torn

1955-1968 we tried to end racial discrimination

Hate putrefied throughout the Nation

Let’s look back on the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The black man was not going to take it anymore

What happened to our 40 acres and a mule?

Why was there segregation in school?

2008 Oprah indorsed Barack Obama

Tears of joy from my Daddy and Momma


from the book

Eyes of Transgressions

As I awake from a sleep that is full of fear

Adjusting my eyes so that I can see clearer

Making no mistakes about what I’m visually seeing

My self being homeless because of my constant sinning

Gambling, with drinking and partying with so called friends

Began to take its toll it had to stop it had to end

My life was headed towards self destruction

Because of my neglect and moral corruption

Many peoples life I have taken for granted

Not knowing the hurt it caused people to panic

As ill as I was, I never saw my self deception

Thank GOD for his deliverance of life transgressions


from the book

I Luv It When You call Me Baby

Your voice is the best thing that I ever heard

I’m hanging on your every last word

When you utter my name it makes me tingle inside

In your arms is the only place where I want to reside

When I stare at you I feel the chemistry boo

I’m in love with you and I want nobody but you

I can’t control my smile when I think about us

We discuss are problems we don’t argue or fuss

The sound of your voice is like Alicia Keys singing

Joy to my heart is what you’re constantly bringing

I love it when you call me baby

I fall to my knees and thank GOD that he saved me

Because I know deep inside that he sent you to me

Your halo and your wings are only for the divine to see

I love it when you call me baby when I’m in the bed with you

I love it when you call me baby when I’m getting upset with you

Your words and your spirit keep’s me honest and true

And there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you

I study your lips like an essay question

Class is open and love is the lesson

When you whisper to me it’s like harps are playing

And trust me I hear every word that you’re saying

I can remember the first time I heard my first born call me daddy

The feeling was overwhelming and it made me so happy

That’s how I feel when you call me baby

And I cherish everything that you have ever gave me


from the book

Summer Madness

Can you feel the madness?

A feeling of dejavu that I’ve had this

Beads of sweat rolling down my face

Memories of SUMMER will never be erased

My shirt sticking to my skin

The oxygen in the air is thin

I can feel the vapor from the concrete

Every step I take I can feel the heat

But the chatter from children brings a smile

Every direction I look I see camouflage for miles

Pops cooking hot links on the BBQ grill

Kids playing kickball in the open field

Can you stand the humidity?

Block parties throughout the community

Time to wash the ride and make sure it looks good

Cruzin’ all the spots around the neighborhood

Check the rims they are shining

Don’t stare at the glare it’s blinding

Awwwe the smell of fresh mowed grass

A feeling of serenity I hope it will last

Kids running through the sprinklers

Eating Now and Laters, Cup Cakes and Zingers

Rubbing your forehead with a glass full of ice and lemon-aide

Sitting in a lawn chair underneath the trees in the shade

When the ice cream man comes I have to get at least two scoops

Little girls playing hop-scotch and swirling in hoola-hoops

Young boys shooting marbles on the curb

The drunks on the corner working everyone’s nerve

Can you feel the madness in the air?

Summer madness is spreading everywhere

Hands behind your head as you swing back and forth in a cot relaxing

Summer Madness is an epidemic that’s catching


from the book






























from the book

Supreme Sista

You are a vast part of the black man's dream

I love the smell of your afro-sheen

Sexy and soulful with the medallion around your neck

Those that try to oppose, you keep them in check

You got my back like I got your back

In total control and your favorite color is black

I love the fact that you have no shame

You correct the ones that mispronounce your name

You won’t leave a fight without getting the last word

And you make sure your opinion is heard

Your skin tone is like no other

So many shades of beautiful ethnic colors

You remind me of all the Queens in our historic past

Their consciousness won’t die because you make it last

You bring to life the visions of our ancestors

Reverence and worship for all my supreme sistas

Ms. Rosa Parks is looking down upon you

Ms. Barbara Jordan is looking down upon you

Cleopatra is looking down upon you

Ms. Harriet Tubman is looking down upon you

Ms. Mary McLeod Bethune is looking down upon you

Ms. Louise Little is looking down upon you

Heavens a happy place because you bring joy to them all

And we on earth look upon you in awe

You signify our struggle and our cause

Inherited splendor are your African flaws

I love the fact you have athletic legs

I love the fact you’re too proud to beg

I love the fact your body is so voluptuous

You keep me modest by being spontaneous

Under your spell of your imperial voodoo

Much ado I salute to you


from the book