Haki Askari, is a published author that resided in Compton and North Long Beach. Influenced by his older brother,
Mad Doctor, Ex-Compton Crip, he emulated his brother's pattern into the street scene of violence and homicides-- a
savage in pursuit of happiness, antithetical to the upbringing in his mother's household.  Haki later met Scott Holt,
from Chicago, who introduced to him Knowledge of Self (Kos), the foundation to ones existence. Scott, conveyed to
Haki, "AS U GET KOS, U ARE GONNA GET CLOSER TO GOD" Haki went on his quest  seeking Kos, and concluded,
that we, the Black Man, are the gods on earth here to civilize the planet! This essay, this urban manifesto, was
produced to inform, instruct, and direct urban youth, to bring them out of the dark into the light! They (the system) are
winning the war on stopping the next Black Messiah!
"A 32 page Essay with picture inserts of extraordinary sentinels and vanguards who revolutionized black thought,
and changed the communities throughout the United States." "A historical road map on how African American
Social Clubs, Revolutionary Groups, and Gangs were formed in Los Angeles."