Writer Of Oz

Once upon a time in South Central LA

A young lady named Dorthia was making her way

Strolling down to the store with her dog ebony

Taking short cuts through alleys, parks and rough shrubbery

Cornmeal was needed for her grandmother’s dinner gathering

The images of lost souls wondering is so heart shattering

Crack heads and drug dealers roaming the city blocks

Not to mention being harassed by crooked city cops

Homeless people with no hope

Young teen’s slangging dope

Young Dorthia wanted more out of life

Emancipation was her consideration from strife

The city of angels was more like the city of devils

Corruption coming at you from all angles and levels

The forecast changed and the skies became dark

Now it was much more uncomfortable to walk through the city park

Ebony started barking and Dorthia became worried

Walking faster, briskly and then she scurried

Tornado weather in LA this could not be

People running for shelter and safety

Before she knew it Dorthia was caught in the eye of the storm

Carried off far to a bizarre place looking nothing like home

To be continued…


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1


In this world we see all kinds of faces

No matter where we are including schools in all places

We all meet and greet with some frowns, and some smiles

Everyone expresses their own unique styles

A face is an image of who you are

Keeps your face shining just like a shining star

Remember to listen to teachers, in all different places

They are always watching you with your beautiful faces


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1

Do You See What I See?

Do you see what I see?
It’s someone who looks just like me

Do you see what she sees?
It’s someone who looks just like she

Do you see what he sees?
It’s someone who looks just like he

It’s true we might look the same
What is different is our name

It’s true we might not look the same
But what if our names are the same?

Do you see what I see?
Different colors but they still look like me

Do you see what I see?
I see people from the inside out, that’s what I see


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1


Close your eyes and open your mind with clear choices,

we learn from one another as we talk with strong voices.

Reading and writing are tools for our education;

Teachers are mentors who encourage participation.

Judge not your friends but be an inspiration,

don't get distracted and lose concentration.

We all have a destiny to live with our choices;

it starts at home with great parenting and strong voices.


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1

I Am Poetry

I am poetry, poetry is I
Feelings inside that make me cry

I write because I am sad
I write because I am mad

I write because I am glad
I write for the love of my mom and dad

I write poetry to express what I’m feeling
I write songs when I feel like singing

Words calming as the ocean
Poetry allows me to express my emotions

Words of feeling flow through me
My words come to life, I am poetry


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1

Bitter Brother

Why do so many older black men act so sour?

Talking the same ole thing everyday every hour on the hour

It gets to be too much I just want to holler

Constantly talking at me and their lexis starts to devour

Their terminology is chocking me like a turtle neck collar

Preaching to me as if they were some kind of scholar

Sometimes I stop and listen and sometimes I won’t

Sometimes I give him money and sometimes I don’t

I have to admit I do listen some days to what they have to say

Then they say “now take that with you” and send me on my way

Then it accrued to me I’m getting a personal history lesson

I never received information like this from any history session

Oh my God, I’m in the company of greatness

Somebody bring me a tape recorder so I can record this

I never knew why this particular brother was so predominantly bitter

He used to play in the Negro league and was a home run hitter

That was long ago and since then life has let him down

He’s trying to encourage me to remain on solid ground

He sees potential in me that’s why he’s talking to me

It took me a while to see that he was really teaching me

Even though I started a family and moved out the hood

I wanted a better life for us a life that’s good

When ever I have free time I go back from which I came

To see if the old hood still looks the same

I look for the old man the one that I never knew his name

I feel a little empty about that so as a result I feel shame

A gentleman spotted me walking with my head hanging down

“What’s up young man with that unpleasant frown?

I just looked at him with sadness in my eyes

Let me guess you’re looking for that old petulant guy?

I replied yes where is he I don’t want any fuss

He replied “Bitter Brother from the corner is no longer with us

He passed a while ago; he is in a better place now

So please smile for him he wouldn’t want you to frown

He told me to give you this because he knew you would be pleased

It was an autographed picture of him in the Negro league


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...1

What if animals did this?

What if a giraffe had a short neck and lived in a tree?

What if all fish lived on land and not in the sea?

What if dogs talked like humans and no longer barked?

What if bats could see during the day and in the dark?

What if birds purred and meowed like cats?

What if the headless horseman wore a hat?

What if donkeys could fly?

What if gophers no longer lived in the ground but the sky?

What if a hippopotamus hopped around like a kangaroo?

What if animals did what humans do?

Imagine an elephant sweeping the floor with a broom.

Zebra’s traveling in space and walking on the moon. 

Imagine a gorilla teaching a class in school.

Wow! Now that would be cool.


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...2

How Much Time?

How much time do you spend on the social network?

How much time do you spend at work?

How much time do you spend with your kids?

How much time do you search seeing how others live?

When was time last time you read a book?

When was the last time you posted something on facebook?

Whatever you post does it really matter?

Or is it nonsense that takes up time, space and matter?

How much time do you spend on your child’s home work?

Is it the same amount of time that you spend on facebook being a flirt?

When was the last time you inspired a child?

When was the last time you poked or posted a smile?

Are you as rich as Mark Elliot Zuckerberg?

Now listen real close to my words

Do you love to get likes?

Or do you love life?

Does it make you happy when members share?

How come there’s not a tab on facebook for the word care?

Is facebook really free?

How rich are they getting off of me?

Who makes those posters that I post?

Can I survive without my daily dose?

Of what’s going on and who knows who

Believing false stories that are never true

Do you use facebook for financial gain?

Then you do what I do; therefore we do the same

I try to promote my entrepreneurial business

I’m not here to get in every one’s business

Educating our people I’m totally devoted

I’m grateful for the ones that have supported

Our efforts to aspire to be humble and great

Answer our calling and fulfill our fate

Some of us are trying to build an empire

While other request friends just to admire

Liking their photos and leaving comments

Liking videos that have no social content

So how much time do you spend on the social network?

Is it equivalent to the hours that you work?

Are you getting rich or making Mark richer?

Survival of the fittest and Mark is getting fitter

So let’s put our heads together and use the user

No longer the victim but don’t become the abuser

Please don’t check your facebook on your phone while driving

Or we’ll like and share your obituary on facebook; while praying and crying


from the book
Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time Vol...2
Children's Poems