Brother Hypnotic

Tajiye L. Antwine aka Brother Hypnotic; is the CEO and founder of
He is a publisher, novelist, writer of poetry and short stories. Born in Hollywood,
CA and was raised in Compton, CA until the age of six. Later moved to Long
Beach, CA and that is where I got my degree in ghetto existence in a fraudulent
and unjust America. I burn negativity as fuel and do my absolute best to bring
minority culture to the forefront. “If I offend you then you don’t understand me but
if I inspire you then you will learn to love me".

Marcus McGee

Is a writer of novels, short stories and poetry. Pegasus Books is dedicated to
publishing the works of aspiring new authors and to providing greater
opportunities and support to established writers by being at the vanguard of this
transformation. We only expect our authors to match our passion and dedication
to producing high-quality books and related products. We want our readers to
enjoy consistently creative,thoughtful works in their many formats.


Charles Young Jr. aka theSource, Is the General Manager of and
head of marketing for Blacktastic Marketing. A writer of uplifting and universal
poetry. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Self-motivated and a positive
individual who wants to make a global impact. The quote “Once I was lost but now
I’m found” has a very significant meaning to me as I found my lost soul through
the trials and tribulation of life experiences. Through my poetry I want to find lost
souls and uplift them to a higher spirit.

Norma Ochoa

Chicanas are a Latin Dance Group that specializes in praise dance, hip hop and
inspirational rhythms. Yulianna Landeros is 12 years old; she is the
choreographer and lead member of the Chicanas. Her interests are modeling,
teaching dance, and above all she is a true humanitarian. Angelica Tadeo she is
14 years old and her interests are basketball, modeling and drama. Franchesca
Tadeo she is 13 years old and her interests are karate, fashion and boxing.
They have been together for 2 years and they are proud to be Mexican and
American. Their Manager is Norma Ochoa.

Dana D'Amico

Born and raised in Sacramento California. I’m a writer, a poet, a dancer, a
singer, life mentor and coach for many. With the joint effort of I
have the ability to move through life with goals, strength and power. I am the
technical director of the dance ministry, so please look for upcoming events. “Be
ready to be empowered, strengthen and glorified by this strong woman’s word.” I
feel its my calling to speak out against woman’s violence and be a vigilant voice
for those who are still afraid to speak out.

Lil Mz Poetic

Delores Chappell, aka LIL MZ POETIC. She writes children's books, poetry and
Short stories. I just love being a part of a dynamic CREW like
Publishing Company,  You can read some of my poems in such book as
UPGRADED NEGRO 20.0, Changing the World 1 Poem @ a Time, The
Rejuvenated Soul
and the upcoming release of BLACK GENESIS.

Melanie B. Jones

Born and raised in Canada. Being a military spouse I move on the regular every
three years. Have enjoyed living in California  , Illinois , Japan and back in
California. I have enjoyed traveling and learning about other cultures.I have
recently had my passion for poetry reignited. With this voice I want to speak for
those that can't and share dreams and hopes for a better world. If one piece
touches one soul it has breathed life.I am still spreading my wings and am glad
to have found such an amazing talented crew! Peace and Blessings!

Tina Long

Christina McCormick aka Tina Long. She was born and raised in
Sacramento Ca. Inspired by a good friend to write, I have found my passion.
My poetry is for women out there who has been through a life of pain and
suffering. I speak for those who can not be heard. Hesitant and nervous I had
decided to enter one of my poems in the poetry contest on blacktastic; unsure
about how to enter in the contest because of knowing Tajiye Antwine
personally, I decided to enter under the name of Tina Long, Honored and
surprised I was chosen to be the poet of the month. Now I am proud to be part
of the Blacktastic family. God bless!!

Ronald Brady

Also known as Captain Gimpy, is the published author of  "The GImpy
Monologues". These short pieces of fiction and non-fiction focus on the realities
faced by disabled individuals in modern society; incisive, funny, and at times
heart-wrenching, this book illuminates the social prejudices, pressures, and
stigmas regarding disabilities. When he is not crusading for the equal rights of
the disabled community, he enjoys playing video games, reading books of
various genres.

Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Sacramento.
Where he went to the school of hard knocks and took a lump or two as he has
grown from a man of mixed culture to a man of many.  Daniel has written many
things in his life and is just now started to have them published.  He has lived
most of all his dreams and at one time was called by many “a dreamer”. He went
one step more and created his mantra that he lives by and totally lives up to
“Dreams to Reality”.
The Crew