Silence Is Not Always Golden: The Power of Spoken Words
Joy Elan
Let’s take a stroll through the hood instead of the park. As a youth growing up that was my reality. Ever met
someone and you had so much in common that they finished all of your sentences?  Silence Is Not Always
Golden: The Power of Spoken Words by Joy Elan is the equivalent to that. Institutional Freedom and Black
and Blue Bloods are two of the pieces that really struck a chord with me when reading this book. A must
read for all and much subject matter to discuss after reading this enticing book.
~Brother Hypnotic

Brother Hypnotic
OMG, it is a true natural talent to tell stories in poetic rhythms. Brother Hypnotic has a knack of storytelling
that paints a picture so graphic, vivid and compelling. I’ve read much of his stories broken up in various
books but to read them all in a continuous rhythm is truly a blessing to behold. A must read for all story
~ Nancy

Ronald Brady
When you look into the mirror you don’t always see what you expect. A reflection is not always an image of
something that appears in the mirror or a reflecting surface. Sometimes it comes in the form of
personalities and lifestyles. When I look in the mirror I can see myself in a wheelchair with brown skin. The
“Gimpy Monologues” is so vivid and clear that you become Captain Gimpy. I always said to people of white
ancestry “you have to be black to know what it's like to be me”. Labeled and pushed aside for all of society
to see. Coloreds enter through the back door or handicap people park here or even worse being treated
different because you are different. Captain Gimpy and I have more in common than an able body white
republican man. He feels my pain as I do his. I challenge everyone who has the ability to walk to spend a day
in a wheelchair and if white; spend a week in the ghetto and you then will feel our pain.

Ronald Brady
"The Gimpy Monologues" is an exceptional book written by Ronald William Cerezo Brady, Jr. and published
by It is a compilation of dramatic and poetic reflections of close friends and himself about
life with a disability. The author is a personal family member of mine and he finally shares his wisdom with
the whole entire world! Thank you Tajiye Antwine of, for capturing his most heartfelt
emotions embraced into one neat-special package..."The Gimpy Monologues." God's Blessings Always!

Brother Hypnotic
This book is a culmination of all the short stories that Brother Hypnotic started back in 2009. Stories such as
“What Have I Done?, Ghetto Love” have conclusions in this book. I really enjoyed “Black Republican 2” and
all the true stories that are in this book. I never thought there could be a good follow up to “BLACK
GENESIS” but I stand corrected. This book has legs to stand on its own and is a masterpiece!

Brother Hypnotic
This book has so much in it for our young generations coming up. It has ways to look at others and ones
self. It gives them thought to grow with and share. It will let them feel the rhythm of life around them with
focus on growing and always living with the person they will become.

Give someone a HUG
Children ARE People Too
Be GOOD to Yourself
~Daniel Hughes

Brother Hypnotic
What did I tell gets better in Volume 2. "Changing The World 1 Poem @ A Time" has been beautifully
written by multiple Author's and wonderfully published by Brother Hypnotic himself...Tajiye Antwine.
"Innocence of a Child" Written by Captain Gimpy...I couldn't have written it better myself. I've got to admit, I
did get teary-eyed when I read this poem and I still do each time I read it. Please grab a copy whenever you
get a chance, and if you've already purchased a copy, please write a review to share your comments. Happy

I give this book a 5 star rating as it reaches all readers...inside and outside of the box! It's great!
~Patricia A. Young

This book is very necessary and written in an abstract style that you need to read twice. Spiritual and up
lifting; much needed food for the soul!

Written by London
This is a novel of self-discovery as we travel on a young girls journey to womanhood.  Masterfully written,
Released is a book that hits close to home for many.  Introducing us to ourselves at our best and our worst
and letting us know that circumstances need not shape us; that it is our own choices that determine our
worth.  A test of faith, strength, perseverance and love, this book is a definite must read.
~Anna Marie

Brother Hypnotic
What's the next best thing to a sexy black man sitting on your doorstep when you get home?
The next best selling book "BLACK GENESIS" By the sexiest black author/poet I know!
You know I am curled up with this book at this very moment...
MMM, MMM, MMMMM!! .....
Brother Hypnotic, have really taken your GIFT to a brand new level with this one!
Wow! Page 2 and it is gettin' HOT in here!!....oooowwwweeee!!
Let me catch my breath!
Okay, end of the book and ready to start at page one...Can't get enough!
I was one of the first to get my hands on this book and as a beautiful white woman, I can confirm that the
rumor is true...once you read "Black Genesis" you will never go back!
Get your copy today, it's a MUST read....and NO, you can't borrow mine!
This is my favorite bedtime collection!
Let your imagination take you on a journey of a lifetime with this sexy author!
Sweetdreams FB, I know I will!
~Sabrina L. Earl

Brother Hypnotic
Book Review for Black Genesis
Black Genesis is definitely a book that takes us back to our roots, makes us proud of who we are and
appreciate the beauty of simply being.  It introduces us to ourselves by making us ponder on possibility and
gives us hope.  This book will bring out the poet in the most astute mathematicians through its magnificent
word play and relatable subject matter, changing our view of the world and our own characters. Black
Genesis is inspiration in a bottle, a must read.
~Anna Marie

Brother Hypnotic
Greetings! Brother Hypnotic…
Black Genesis is a book that I respect to the utmost and really enjoyed reading!  To describe it in one word
coming from me personally I will say in our term, the book is, “Blacktorious”!  Now to say it in English the
book is, “Profound” [pruh-found] Show IPA adjective, pro·found·er, pro·found·est, noun
adjective …Penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or
understanding: a profound thinker. Originating in or penetrating to the depths of one's being; profound
grief. Being or going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious: profound insight. Of deep  
meaning; of great and broadly inclusive significance: a profound book. Pervasive or intense; thorough;
complete: a profound silence. *I am taking time out to expound on just a few to give you my take on them…*

Inseparable from the joining of the Minds to every beat of the Heart which ignites the true essence of their
body, and the soul in which the blood creates a strong bond; spiraling into an un-forgettable bursting of
“Magical Love” between two people…

Black Genesis
The Black Bible acknowledges and holds the rewards for our people whose lives was stolen, sacrificed,
and disrespected; from the very beginning.  Speaking on our “Blacknificant” moments regarding our
History is just down right “Blacktastic”!

The Writer
The Writer exposes all that is truth…that is how you Rock.  The other stuff is just to keep people confused,
frustrated, miserable, and off track.  It’s either one, or the other and I see you chose the other.  “The Writer
in you…Great Choice”!  The writer in me is commending the Writer In You!

Let’s Look Back
Memories are always needed, because for the most part, the silence of our History is pretty much forgotten.
It takes you, The Chosen One to bring it all back so that everyone has a chance to either remember, and or,
to learn about “Our History” even if it is through One of our main resources, “Poetry” Much Love ...Brother

The Way a Sista Talks to a Brutha
Spoken like no other…A Real King … YOU! You are born to lead based on your ability to research, explore,
analyze, and articulate from your experiences to educate, yet express to “Our Bruthas” how a real woman
should be treated. They need to know how to look for the signs of a “Real Woman” in order to acknowledge
and embrace the “Queen” that She Is…

*You know the taste and the feel of your writing, and you know how to reach everybody…You are no
respecter of person when you speak on the different changes down through the years within our culture.
Whether it be the songs we sing, hair dos, the color of our skin, our grammar, the clothing, and or, our body
sizes. There is no shame in the game when it comes to your reasoning and facts of how you lay down the
“Poetic Law” while sharing the Real McCoy!
Much Love,
-Lil Mz Poetic

WRISTWATCH: How I survived Vietnam as a Black man
Tajiye L. Antwine
It is seldom you have the opportunity to travel on a journey to distant places in past eras and take a piece
of history back home with you. Wristwatch does exactly this. Tracing the steps of a man's struggle on c...
ommon ground then thrust into the midst of a fight that is not his own. Packed with knowledge and facts,
this book is a must read and will leave you more enlightened and appreciative at the same time sparking
the reality that there are still ongoing battles in our daily paths. Wristwatch is a story of hope, survival and
history at its best. High praises to the author, Tajiye L. Antwine, for giving a voice to the past.
~ Anna Marie

WRISTWATCH : How I survived Vietnam as a Black man
Tajiye L. Antwine
I was so intrigued by WRISTWATCH. I had to share it with a friend. The book was a excellent read. It took me
on a journey through time. It made me think of my father and being barley 18 years old what he must have
went through. A young man in a foreign land killing for survival. Hats off to Brother Hypnotic, I will
recommend this book to my book club. Favorite part was on the back of the truck. That was like a movie
scene. You should really think about turning this book into a short film.
-Malik "MistaMalik" Saunders

WRISTWATCH: How I survived Vietnam as a Black man
Tajiye L. Antwine
Finally, a real piece of Black American war history told from the perspective of an African American. I was a
bit confused at first because I just assumed the book was about Mr. Antwine. As I dug a little further into the
history of the author and it was then that  I realized that the author was not even born yet during the
Vietnam War. The story was about someone that the author  interviewed (Charles Young Sr.) and wrote an
astonishing story about. That told me that the author did a lot of research and really went back in time to
learn about a very pivotal point in American History. The book is written in a clever way using three voices
to tell this unique story. In the end this book is a must read and should be shared in American History
classrooms across the world. Take a bow Mr. Antwine, you are now a significant part of Black History.

Brother Hypnotic
Changing The World 1Poem @ A Time is a book of poems you could cuddle up in bed with sons, and
daughters getting lost in the world of innocence of a child frolicking through the wind, a little girl showing
us immeasurable love and strength to save a love one to a lesson learned from a Bitter Brother.
Changing The World  1Poem @ A Time is just not for children but for everyone to read, there is not a poem
in this book that will not touch you.

Brother Hypnotic
Definitely changing the world 1 Poem @ a Time. Must read!!! I really love this book. Poetry such as Changing
the World 1 Smile @ a Time, Through a Child's Eye, The Innocents of Life by Brother Hypnotic himself. Wow...
I really enjoyed "I Am Poetry"! If you love to read poetry, you must read "Changing The World 1 Poem @ A
Time....Then after Volume 1, It gets even better with Volume 2. Just released on Happy

Brother Hypnotic
This book is the Birth the Feeding Stages all the way through Adulthood, you came with it strong Brutha!
You are a walking metaphor, like Hammer said -You can’t touch this. The book UN 20.0 UPGRADED NEGRO
20.0 is better than gold or platinum. You hit every nick and cranny, the believers, nonbelievers and the
haters. Women will fall in love with you because of your words and the strong meaning behind them. Men
will be jealous because simply they can not SPIT LIKE YOU! I personally wrote that poem about you called
CHOSEN because you are the chosen one. God chose you and you have delivered because there is No
Rest for the Gifted. I absolutely love the poems HAVOC, POETICAL PROPHET, THE CURE, SOUL 2 SOUL, NO
REST 4 THE GIFTED, SPIT, JOB and I BRING FUNK. In the poem SPIT let me tell you, you gave all the haters a
lyrical spanking with respect. I BRING FUNK; I love the end of the poem when you said “Who brings the
funk?” If you were around when Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X was around, they would have loved
you brutha!

Tina Long
Injured but not Damaged is an open window to one woman’s life. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is a
question that plagues us all! The tunnel might take years to travel before you see the light. This book is a
dark tunnel for the majority of the book but you will feel vindicated at the very end. Raw emotional poetry
best describes this book of poetry. Women across the globe finally have a voice to see them through all the
problems that life has to offer. Tina Long is a true inspiration to many and all.

Delores Chappell
name is Marjorie Sahs and I am a first grade teacher. I am writing a
review about the book Seven Little Monkeys- Making New Friends written
by Delores Chappell and illustrated by Kristina M. Rice.

This is a darling story about seven young monkeys that live in the jungle together. They want to have a
jungle party and invite all of the other animals they have never met before. While planning the party, they
scatter and run home after being frightened by a strange voice. Reena, one of the young girl monkeys, falls
out of a tree and is knocked out. As the search for Reena progresses, more and more of the other jungle
animals join in to help find her. King Tuffy, the protector of everything in the jungle, eventually saves
Reena from the evil python before he eats her. At the end, they become friends with all of the animals that
helped search for Reena and have their jungle party to celebrate these new friendships. The colorful
illustrations bring alive this story of making new friends and helping others.

Sister Souljah
New York Times Bestselling Author Sister Souljah does it again with her new addition to THE COLDEST
WINTER EVER and MIDNIGHT A Gangster Love Story. We finally get the background drop on this complex
character that women all over the world have become to love. In many ways it’s a prequel to the last book.
One of the most important voices in female African American History does it again with her multifarious
dialect and story telling.

Marcus McGee
A must read for all children and a wonderful illustrated book for parents to read to their children. It will
definitely make us as humans take a second look at our selves from within.

Marcus McGee
Legal Thiller....If you were intrigued by the OJ Simpson trial, you'll love this book right down to the high
profile trail of Jordan Alexander for the murder of his ex wife Lynette Alexander to the spunky lawyer
Destiney Mitchell who no one thought she had chance of winning the trial because of not only being a
woman but a woman of color who was driven by passion to speak for Lynette Alexander who no longer had
a voice...

Marcus McGee
A must read book Murder from the Grave is suspenseful with many twists and turns. Reading this book will
have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Definitely a book you'll find hard to put down.

Brother Hypnotic
Blacktomic Bomb is insightful, beautiful and controversial. You'll find poems and short stories that would
make you think and wanting more written by a man who knows how to touch people with his words. One
cannot finish this book without feeling changed.

Morrie Turner
I never knew how much I didn’t know about Black History especially about African American Women. There
are so many heroines of color that have made an impact on our society and it’s about time someone
dedicated an entire book to the greatness of Black Women. If I was a teacher this book would be part of my
curriculum and I would send my students home with the book and have them share it with their parents.
This is True History and I’m proud to say that I have met and sat and talked with the renowned Morrie
Turner. He is a true pioneer and a great man and mentor to me.

Betty Young
This was a true hidden find and I’m glad this wonderful autobiography has landed in my possession. I don’t
know if Betty Young knows what she really did when she wrote this book. By her discussing her past and
opening up old wounds to the reader she cemented herself into a couple of categories. One being and
author and two being a true female protagonist to all of us. After I read this book I put Betty Young in the
same company as Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman.