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About us

Blacktastic Media began as the brainchild of Tajiye L. Antwine (TLA). What began as a mission to achieve unfettered self-expression grew into a community building effort which included hosting some of the best open mic nights in the area, publishing groundbreaking work from artists in underserved communities, and presenting artists with a five-star treatment which included personalized events to help them get their message out in a way that suited the uniqueness of their own voice. As the team grew, we began to offer editorial services. Our newest adventure is to break down the barriers of video and film production. We are currently, producing two short films concurrently, in the most Blacktastic way possible!

founded March 13, 2010, Blacktastic Media has a over a decade worth of work lifting artists and creators up. proving anyone can be blacktastic.

What we do

In short: we’re a company that values creative expression with a Blacktastic twist. We produce original content, we’re constantly on the lookout for new media collaborations on platforms like YouTube. We provide publishing and editorial services at an affordable price that allows the author to maintain complete creative control. When it comes to our film and media work, we’re always looking to tell the story you won’t find anywhere else. We take a community centered approach to our work. We’re always looking to help artists and creators grow into their full creative potential. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find us putting together community workshops to help artists understand the basics of publishing, digital marketing, brand management, and how to get started in Internet video production with a healthy helping of guerrilla

Publishing Packages

Below is a list of our publishing packages. All publishing packages include an author friendly agreement that allows you to keep your rights, a lifetime ISBN number with barcode, editorial and layout services, along with e-book publication. Your books will be sold worldwide! In special cases, we make use of donated funds to help authors with a strong community focus get their first work published. Shoot us a message for details.


Black Gold


Black Diamond


Black Pearl

Our people

At Blacktastic Media, we’ve worked hard to nurture community connections. These four represent our core, the DNA of our crew and the strongest force behind our mission.  Behind the scenes, we are many who including many freelancers and community volunteers always making us even stronger and helping us stay focused on our core community.  

Image of Charles (The Source)
Charles Young (The Source)


Ronald Brady (Captain Gimpy)

Digital Media/Editorial

Tajiye Antwine (TLA)

Founder/CEO, Man with the Vision

Marcus McGee


Photo of Dan
Dan Hughes

Blacktastic Canada

What People Say About Us

.Tajiye an experience that will last forever!!! You touched in a way that is unforgettable…thank you for always being you!

Michelle Sims (Elk Grove, CA)


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